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Matte Black Anodized Stainless Steel - NFC Business Card

Regular price
$47.95 USD
Regular price
$59.95 USD
Sale price
$47.95 USD

Here it is Ladies and gents. The one and only black metal NFC business card, the last business card you will ever need. 

This card makes a bold statement about your business and about yourself. It is the size and thickness of the American Express Black Card or Apple Credit card, and sports a Tap Tag NFC chip that relays your information directly to your clients smartphone with just a tap. It is as simple as it is elegant. 

For bulk orders, visit our Wholesale Options 

Every Card is custom laser-engraved. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We will email you if there are any issues with the logo uploaded.

  • Made of anodized stainless steel. Resistant to bending, rust, wear and tear. 
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Re-programmable chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Easy to program and set up - Or we will program for you if you fill out that field
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone
  • Credit card-sized, 85mm x 54mm with round 30mm chip embedded on back.

*Due to thickness and density of metal, NFC chip only scans from back of card


I chose the "text only" option in quick personalization options, what font do you use?

We use a custom script-like font as seen in the first few pictures centered and engraved on the front of the card. If you would like a different font respond to the automated confirmation email immediately after purchase.

How fast does my item ship?

We will ship your NFC business card the next business day. Free shipping via USPS typically takes 5-7 days but could take up to 10 in rare circumstances (10 days to Hawaii). We offer upgraded shipping of 1-2 day and -2-3 day available at checkout. 

Where do you put my uploaded logo, and the text if I choose to fill that box in quick personalization options?

This is human-run and is not automated. It's in our best interest to make it look awesome. We typically center the logo in the middle third of the card, if text is added we typically use Ariel font and put in bottom left corner like a traditional business card. If you would like a different format respond to the automated confirmation email immediately after purchase.

Using the advanced personalization NFC card editor, we will always make sure your logo and text look the best it can be. Sometime they may appear off center when editing, we will fix that as we have live people that review each purchase. 

Can we add color to the engraving?

Short answer, no. The metal has an anodized matte black or matte white coating, basically meaning the coating is fused molecularly with the metal. We use an industrial laser to pulverize this coating revealing the silver metal underneath which is the color of your custom text/image. All images will be converted to greyscale. You can feel the engraving which adds a level of sleekness to the card. 

What's on the back of the card?

As seen in the last template image, there is an NFC chip centered on the back. The chip has to be exposed because ironically metal blocks NFC, so you will have to touch the back of the card with your phone for it to scan. The chip cannot be engraved but the area surrounding it can.

Is this just an NFC sticker stuck to a metal card?

Nope, this is the real deal! The chip is embedded into the metal about half way through the thickness of the card. It fits snug and is glued with a special adhesive, it will not fall out. 

Can we engrave the back?

Yes, we can engrave around the 30mm chip only. There is about ⅜ inch above and below, and about an inch to the left and right. We do offer cards that the chip is off center giving more room to add a graphic. Please email us to request this type of NFC card. 

Is there Tap Tag branding on the card?

Yes, however you can request to remove branding free of charge. The branding just says "Tap Tag" very small on the back bottom-right corner of the card. This can be removed upon request. Leave this request in the additional notes section of the personalizer, or purchase and immediately respond to your confirmation email with the request. 

How do I contact you for more questions?

Email us at taptagshop@gmail.com if you have any further questions or further customization.


Upload Tips

We will always make your final product look the best it can be. We have real human designers that handle all orders manually. We will make sure everything is centered and positioned nicely on the card. 

Personalizer Tools

Use our "Advanced Personalizer" button to see a live view of your card, add any image,  add live text, change fonts and sizing, and more. If you have questions or concerns, email us Here.

The personalizer is used more as a positioning guide, we often have to edit images to make it work with our engravers. The final card will generally look like it does in the live demo. 

You may use our "Quick Personalization" box to quickly upload an image and add text, our designers will center your image and center your text under it using our best judgment.  

What we do with your file

- Your image will be converted to a custom greyscale using 0% (White), 25%, 50, 75%, and 100% (Black). Regardless of how many colors your image may have we will make it work and more importantly make it look great. 

- Blacks in your image will engrave at full power (shows the full silver steel of the card)

- Grays will be adjusted laser power. For example 50% gray equals roughly 50% power (some silver and some black causing a shade)

- We will likely remove any backgrounds. However this is a per-scenario basis. For example, if your logo is on a green background we will remove the green and only engrave your logo. If your background contains any significance like stars speckled behind your logo, we will keep them. We will email you if we have questions, or you may leave additional comments in the appropriate section of the personalizer. 

- As far as positioning, we will follow the proof generated in the personalizer. We will adjust any thing that seems "off" like a font going off the edge of the card, or a logo that is slightly off-center. 

- Any major fixes or image issues we will contact you via text/email.  

- Do not upload any photographs of people or animals, photographs cannot be engraved. Stick to digitally made art, logo's, and images similar to those in our sample images. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Certainly a crowd pleaser

Everyone loves it. Im a saleswoman and I use my card to break the ice with clients. Great conversation starter

Jack Fetkenhier
Wish it worked as good as it looks.

I ordered the white metal card. It shipped super fast and looks great. The problem is, well it doesn’t work. Been through set up multiple times and the end result is the same. When scanned it takes you to the set up page again. Good thing it wasn’t that expensive, I am over it.

Hello Jack! We just emailed you. It appears you elected to program the card yourself. Sound like there is a step missing which is not allowing the app to complete the process, thus sending you to the original programming of the card which is the directions. Please email us back and we are happy to troubleshoot or replace the card if need be!

Super Classy

Tap Tag people were a pleasure to work with when I had questions. Love my card. Feels heavier then I anticipated.

joseph bain
Works like a charm

Links right up to my linktr.ee account. Prefect.

Very easy to use and set up

Tap Tag is very easy to use and set up. Im able to customize my tags for each trade show I participate in.

Debbie Affolter
First Class Product

Love the weight and feel of this card. Had my company logo added for a touch of class with my name just below. Everyone is impressed