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Type of Misprint: 2 Tap Steel Card Misprints

Type of Misprint

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We always give an extra misprint of a random product on every misprint order :)

These misprint cards may have crooked or misspelled print/engravings of others logos and designs. The tap chip within the cards still functions normally and the cards structure is not impacted in any way. These cards are otherwise full quality. 

Misprint cards are a great tester to feel quality of materials, quality of print, and run tests/diagnostics at a very low cost before perhaps committing to a real order. The cards are still usable in every way and the print/engraving is still quality, but could potentially be chipped, scratched, or otherwise un-sellable. 

The misprints are shipped at random and cannot be further customized. These sample cards still include our awesome digital profile to setup as your own. 

**Misprint cards may contain names of individuals or QR codes linking to specific websites. There will never be more personal information other than first/last name.

 The misprint pack 


Digital Profile Included

A free digital profile and contact card download is included on every card. Set up your account when your card arrives, then share your info by tapping any smartphone

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Very easy to use right out of the package!!

Great job on making it simple. Fast and efficient customer service to answer any questions. Thanks for an awesome didgital marketing tool.