Why is Tap Tag different?

In early 2020 when we officially opened our virtual doors there was very little known about NFC technology being used as a form of networking. There were a couple of small companies (just two to be exact) offering baseline NFC products with their brand plastered all over them and plenty of "I ordered 3 weeks ago and still have not received it" reviews weighing them down. Additionally, we noticed their prices were astronomical for something that had no personalization, high shipping costs, and long wait times. Who wants to pay top dollar to become a billboard for another company? Not us.

That's where Tap Tag comes in. Our mission is to provide sustainable NFC products to the masses, at an affordable cost, customized to their liking, and shipped domestically in a more-than-reasonable time. Right now, our average order-to-ship is just 12 hours! We are confident that we are the ONLY company able to ship a fully custom product that fast. Even if you ordered 100 custom cards, or 200 custom tags, guess when they ship? The. Next. Day. 

At this point you have probably seen a bunch of our competitors, and sometimes it is hard to see behind the scenes because, well, they hide it. Go through the comments on their Facebook ads, or search reviews from external sites and you will see a vast array of terrible feedback regarding response times, ship times, high prices, no customer service, etc. I challenge you to ask them any of the bullet points below.. if you even get a response. 


Open Sourced NFC chips / No App Charges

Goal #1: When we created our business we set out to give YOU the power to decide what goes on the NFC chip. 

Tap Tag Chips: Our NFC chips are open-sourced. This basically means you can do what you please with them. You can use the entire power of the internet. We can program the chip for you at checkout or you can do yourself infinitely whenever you desire using a free app. Even competitor apps work on our chips. For example, we can put a contact card onto your NFC business card but 6 months from now if you just want to add your instagram instead, you can change using a free app. You can add any website like a random-inspirational-quote generator, or a restaurant menu, or a company website, any website can be added at your discretion, always. Use a free site like Beacons.ai to get all the free features you would normally pay for with competitors, here's an example https://beacons.ai/taptag

The other guys: Competitors force you to use their app and nothing else. Their app is heavily branded and lacks many major features as they typically focus on hardware rather than software. When you tap to share your info its hard for the receiver to ignore the 3+ brand-placements located all around your information. Yes you can remove it but at a subscription cost of usually $6-$30/month. You want just your Facebook, or just your contact card, or maybe a site like beacons that solely focuses on software? You can't, their chips are locked to only work with their app. 


Lowest Prices

To put into perspective, and you can audit this yourself, our prices are on average 40-80% lower than competitors. For competitor prices we provide a range depending on who you research, some competitors are out of control!

Tap Tag Steel Card - $47.50 with engraved text included, free shipping. +$20 if you want a custom logo. Shipped next day. Free Sticky tag as a gift if over $50 total. 

Their Steel Card - $80-$100 for their branded card with no customization, shipped in 3-5 days. Or you can get customized card for $100- $200 total, $25 shipping, shipped in 3-4 weeks. Read their reviews, or even ask them yourself!

Tap Tag Starter Card - $14.95 Tap Tag branded plastic NFC card, free shipping, shipped next day

Tap Tag Custom Plastic Card - $29.95 with one side custom print, +$5 for backside print, free shipping, shipped next day

Their Plastic card - $30-$50 for basic branded card, no personalization, $7 shipping, shipped in 3-5 days. Add another $30-$50 for customization, and add 3-4 weeks to shipping if customized.


All of our products follow the same theme. All significantly more affordable, more customizable, and faster and free-er shipping. We seriously challenge you to do some research. V1CE and Ovou charge $200 for a custom steel NFC card that you have to wait 4 weeks for, WITH their brand all over it, its highway robbery. 


Insane ship times

We mention this over and over again because we are the ONLY NFC company, and probably one of the few overall companies, that can ship fully-custom products the next day. Your office needs 100 fully custom cards in-hand tomorrow? We can do that with the overnight shipping option. I don't even believe it at times. But we prove it every day. It's what we take the most pride in and by-far our biggest separation from competition. Regardless whether you do paid or our free shipping option, we ship the next day. Free shipping takes 3-7 days to arrive depending on your distance from NY. There is no shipping on Sundays, but you'll have to take that up with the post office. We would if we could!

The other guys: Order a non-custom anything and expect a "shipped" notification in 3-4 days. Order a custom product and don't expect to see that same email for 3-4 weeks. Take a look at where its shipped from while you're at it.. it's China. Which explains a lot about their ship times and process. We ship from New York, customize on site, and package by hand.


Response times

Send us an email right now, do it. Our average response time is 3 hours, honestly it's closer to 27 minutes however if sent overnight EST-time it may take an extra few hours bringing our average up. Same goes for the chat in the bottom right corner, we are available live from 10am to 10pm EST, or will respond via email the same day if we happen to miss you. 

If you need a reason to choose Tap Tag, send us an email and send literally any competitor the same email at the same time. I promise we will beat them not by minutes or hours, but by days. Read their external reviews, all the customers speak about are awful ship times and awful response times. We know this because they all come to Tap Tag right after and praise our service. We know this is a huge issue with competitors so we prioritize our response times to, well honestly, kick them while they are down. 



Mentioned a few times by now, Tap Tag fulfills a niche market of custom NFC products. There are only a few out there able to customize a card to your liking. We are confident in saying we are the best at it. Our fast response time and fast ship times mean you can have an idea right now for your card and we can communicate, design, create, and ship by this time tomorrow so you can have in hand by the following day with upgraded shipping, or by this time next week with free shipping. 

We accept any file format and can work with you to get your product exactly how you want. We also offer a free live personalizer so you can add a logo and play with text/fonts on your own time. 

Our human NY-based designers will send you proofs and make sure we are rock solid before we continue when not using the personalizer, followed by a satisfaction guarantee. We design and customize everything in-house, no reliance on anyone but us to get the job done and to get it done right. 


Unique NFC Products

Tap Tag offers some cool NFC products that don't exist on the market whatsoever. Check out our hand made NFC Coasters, NFC Spotify Plaques, NFC Signs, Wifi Porters, Cherry NFC cards, etc. We are constantly trying new things and exploring our creativity. We have the machinery on-site. If you have an idea you do not see on our site please email us and there is a chance we can bring it to life. Below is our unique Tigerwood NFC coasters that connect you to a local wifi network via NFC and QR.


Quality Control

We can say that our quality is equal to or better than any competitor on the market. All raw NFC chips are created by one monopoly company in the Netherlands so it's safe to say we all have the same technological foundation when it comes to NFC technology. It is how we implement those chips into products, and how we run our companies and treat customers that make us different.

Our humans manually put the products in the machines and manually inspect/clean them upon completion, then package them by hand to ship out. This all happens at our office here in New York. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied we will respond in an average of 3 hours and help with the issue or replace. We care about our products, let us show you. 



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