About Tap Tag

Our Roots

In early 2020 Tap Tag officially opened its virtual doors. There was very little known about NFC technology being used as a form of networking but the idea was a no brainer. Save trees, reduce covid transmission, save money on paper cards, and introduce a new innovative & memorable way to share a business card.

There were a couple of small companies (just two to be exact) offering baseline tap NFC products with their brand plastered all over them with plenty of "I ordered 3 weeks ago and still have not received it" reviews weighing them down. Additionally, we noticed their prices were astronomical for something that had no personalization, high shipping costs, and long wait times. We saw a vacuum in the market, and capitalized.

That's where Tap Tag comes in. Our mission is to provide sustainable tap solutions to the masses, at an affordable cost, customized to their liking, and shipped domestically in a more-than-reasonable production time of one day.

Right now, our average order-to-ship is just 12 hours! We are confident that we are the ONLY company able to ship an array of fully custom tap products at that speed. Even if you ordered 100 custom cards, or 200 custom tags, guess when they ship? The. Next. Day. Thats a mic-drop and a half.

2020 | Tap Tag Formed

Tap Tag's first product was our black branded sticky phone tag, the original "Tap Tag." The idea came from our founder Tyler who was a smart-home enthusiast since 2014. Tyler used NFC tags around the house to turn lights on and control other smart gadgets just by tapping a smartphone. Friends and family found this fascinating.

Fast forward a few years, Tyler had the idea to program his LinkTree onto an NFC tag to share LinkedIn and contact information with clients. After a few taps on the job that same fascination was shared by Tylers business network, they all wanted one.

Tyler watched his coworkers networking in a new way with this new idea. They weren't wasting paper cards, the transaction was more memorable, and in COVID times this was a cleaner way to share data.

Feedback from coworkers and clients was astronomical. A figurative smart-home lightbulb lit up in Tyler's head. Tap Tag was formed shortly after with a ilineup of sticky phone NFC tags.

2021 | Growth Mode: Activated

In 2021 we really dove into what was possible with NFC (near field communication). We released NFC business cards, bracelets, signs, keychains and more. Customers wanted them customized so we listened. We invested heavily in the machinery needed to be able to customize on site here in New York which allowed us to ship just as fast as non-custom items.

This type of technology was not even popular yet, some knew about NFC because of Apple Pay which finally started gaining popularity. This was an entirely new way to use the technology. Time to get in front of people...

2022 | Digital Infrastructure

In 2022, we invested again to build our own software from scratch. This service now comes by default on every Tap Tag sold and allows you to create and manage a profile quickly and easily, updating all your tags in realtime with your contact information.

We then brought team management to light, allowing corporations the ability to manage everyone's digital business cards from one place.

This software was a game changer, bringing tremendous value to our products. It's easy to setup and edit your Tap Tags, and even easier to share your info with others.

In 2022 we also introduced a plethora of new products, upgraded our machinery further, and octupled out daily output. Still guaranteeing that we ship fully custom items in less than 24 hours..

2023 | Let's get competitive

2023 was our biggest year yet. Growing at a humble 2000% from a previous successful year, our products spanned across almost every single country and over 15,000 companies.

Our corporate market grew exponentially as we landed official deals with Delta airlines, Pepsi, RedRoof Inn, MorganLewis, and hundreds of others.

We introduced a new branch of our business and software pertaining to capturing Google and Yelp reviews. We also introduced many new Tap products and upgraded our machinery to improve quality and keep up with production.

2024 | Full Steam Ahead

2024 is the year it all comes together. We don't want to tell you our secret plans yet, but stay tuned and you will see some major changes coming across the board.

One thing is certain, if we continue to treat our customers with respect, ship quickly, and deliver a quality product we know we will get where we intend to be.

See you next year for another update.

Insane ship times

We mention this over and over again because we are the only tap NFC company, and probably one of the few overall companies, that can turnaround fully-custom products in one business day.

Contact our competition, they will tell you 2-4 weeks for custom items, and likely a minimum order quantity required. Not Tap Tag. You can order one custom card, or 100, both will be shipped out the next business day.

We offer optional 3-day and overnight shipping. You can order today and have your custom tap product in-hand in 48 hours. Beat that.

Lowest Prices

To put into perspective, and you can audit this yourself, our prices are on average 30-60% lower than competitors for customized tap products. Easy, we cut out the middle man and produce all products in-house.

Our software is also the most affordable on the market by a landslide, so affordable that our competitors won't even list their Team prices on their website without putting you through a webinar first. On average our Teams software is 40% less than Popl, Linq, Blinq Mobile, Vice, and Ovou. More about that Here.

Tap Tags Proprietary Software

Our software was built from the ground to be the best networking tool for yourself and your business. Share your contact, download your QR code, capture leads, and edit at any time. We offer over 30 features to help enhance your networking.

Free and upgraded versions of our system is available.

Our software is completely optional. We can also hard-program any other service or website onto your Tap Tags per request.

Learn More

Response Times

Send us an email right now, do it. Our average response time is <12 minutes, or instantly if using the live chat at the bottom corner of the screen, we are available live from 10am to 10pm EST, or will respond via email the same day if we happen to miss you. 

If you need a reason to choose Tap Tag, send us an email and send literally any competitor the same email at the same time. I promise we will beat them by hours and sometimes days.


Mentioned a few times already, Tap Tag fulfills a niche market of custom tap products. There are only a few out there able to customize a card to your liking. We are confident in saying we are the best at it. Our fast response time and fast ship times mean you can have an idea right now for your card and we can communicate, design, produce, and ship by this time tomorrow so you can have in hand by the following day with upgraded shipping, or by this time next week with free shipping. 

Tap Tag accepts any file format and can work with you to get your product exactly how you want. We also offer a free live personalizer so you can add a logo and play with text/fonts.

Our NY-based design team will send you proofs to make sure we are rock solid before we continue, followed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Quality Control

We can say that our quality is equal or better than any competitor on the market.

Our humans manually put the products in the machines and manually inspect/clean them upon completion, then package them by hand to ship out.

This all happens at our office here in New York. We care about our products, let us show you.