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    With Tap Tag NFC chips there are no subscriptions, no hidden fees, unlimited taps, free to re-program, free shipping, free text engraving, and free design help. Just a transparent one-time payment, that's it!

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Full Color PVC Cards - NFC Business card

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$29.95 USD
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$29.95 USD

We are the ONLY company that can print edge-to-edge full color images, ship the next day, and with a minimum order quantity of just 1. This product is also brand-less, meaning "Tap Tag" is not smeared all over it. It represents YOU and only you.

These PVC NFC business cards are the same size, feel, and thickness of your average plastic credit card. The chip is entirely hidden on both sides and works from 3 inches away from your smartphone. Our advanced printing process prints photo-quality images and then coats the ink with a protective layer for durability. 

Tap Tag NFC chips are always reprogrammable so you can constantly change the chips contents to your liking. This is the last business card you'll ever need.

 Unlimited scans

 No subscription

 No app or Tap Tag required to scan

We will program your tag for you, just paste your link to the right. Or, Tap Tag is easy to set up as we provide a Step-by-Step Guide and videos to guide you through the quick process of programming your tag.


  • Re-programmable chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Easy to program and set up - Or we will program for you if you fill out that field
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone
  • Credit card-sized, 85mm x 54mm
  • Chip not visible at all, NFC antenna stretched around full card offering largest scan radius of all of our products. 
  • 256 Byte memory - Enough to store any link and twice the memory of any of our other products



What is the image quality like?

We are able to print in full color photo-quality resolution edge to edge on the card. The base card is white, so the edges will always be white. 

What file formats do you accept?

All file formats are okay. We will certainly email/text you if an image is not to our liking. It is always a safe bet to upload the largest image possible to give us more room to shrink/expand. 

Is it just a sticker on a plastic card?

No, the ink is sublimated into the plastic to provide the best resistance to scratching/fading as possible. The cards feel like a fresh new credit card but unlike a credit card the edges will not delaminate over time. 

Idk, I want to see a proof before I order

Sure! No problem, just shoot us an email at taptagshop@gmail.com and we will be happy to help or answer any questions you may have. You can also use our live personalizer button to see a live image, add text, change fonts, sizing, etc. 


Upload Tips

How fast does my item ship?

We will ship your NFC business card the next business day. Free shipping via USPS typically takes 5-7 days but could take up to 10 in rare circumstances. We offer upgraded shipping of 1-2 day and -2-3 day available at checkout. Shipped from New York.

I chose the "text only" option in quick personalization options, what font do you use?

We use a custom script-like font as seen in the first few pictures centered and engraved on the front of the card. If you would like a different font respond to the automated confirmation email immediately after purchase.

Where do you put my uploaded logo and the text if I choose to fill that box in quick personalization options?

This is human-run and is not automated. It's in our best interest to make it look awesome. We typically center the logo in the middle third of the card, if text is added we typically use Ariel font and put in bottom left corner like a traditional business card. If you would like a different format respond to the automated confirmation email immediately after purchase.

Using the advanced personalization NFC card editor, we will always make sure your logo and text look the best it can be. Sometime they may appear off center when editing, we will fix that as we have live people that review each purchase. 


Can we add color?

Short answer, no. This is authentic wood engraved via laser. This gives it an authentic look as your name/logo is literally precision-burned into the card.

What's on the back of the card?

Both sides of the card are identical. The NFC chip is completely hidden inside the card and scannable from 3 inches away from either side of the card. There is no Tap Tag branding on the card whatsoever

Can we engrave the back?

Yes, we can engrave the back side of the card if that option is selected above. 

Is there Tap Tag Branding?

There is no branding on the bamboo cards whatsoever. Just whatever YOU choose to put on it :)


Upload Tips

We will always make your final product look the best it can be. We have real human designers that handle all orders manually. We will make sure everything is centered and positioned nicely on the card. 

Personalizer Tools

Use our "Advanced Personalizer" button to see a live view of your card, upload any image, add live text, change fonts and sizing, and more. If you have questions or concerns, email us Here.

You may use our "Quick Personalization" box to quickly upload any image and add text, our designers will center your image and center your text under it using best judgement. 

The proof generated in the personalizer is generally what your final card will look like. We will adjust anything that seems "off" like text going off the edge of the card or an image that is slightly off center. We will always contact you of we encounter any issues. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews


Tim McClelland
The best in the business!

I had to research to find out what NFC cards were first, and then make the purchase from Tap Tag. And I can say without hesitation I'm glad I found them. The product is high quality, produced and delivered quickly, but perhaps best is the follow up customer service. These people believe in their product. And they provided me with support above and beyond when I found I had accidentally erased my card's data. They not only believe in their product, they believe in their clients. And that, in the day and age, is golden.

dsfgdfg dfgfdg
Quick and easy

Designed my card in the personalizer thing, submitted order, got a "shipment" notification 4 hours later, received in 4 days. No communication needed. It's a fast and efficient process. The print looks great and the NFC works every time. A++


Shipped fast. Works great.

Works the best out of their products

I ordered a metal card and I LOVE it, but because of the metal it doesn't always work 100% of the time. I emailed you guys and you recommended the plastic card since the chip is 5x bigger or something. I trusted you and you were right. My plastic card is amazing and works 100% of the time now, and its super colorful. I still love to carry around the metal one to show friends but this new card is my go-to when networking. Great customer service too!

Cara c
Throwing out my business cards

WOW! the amount I spend on business cards a year is outrageous- when In reality 7 out of 10 they are lost or thrown out. I am so excited to start using these as my main way of getting to my customers! I know for a fact it won’t be thrown out, lost or over locked.