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Silicone Minimalist NFC Wristband

Silicone Minimalist NFC Wristband

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This extremely comfortable antimicrobial silicone wristband has a next-gen NFC chip that is able to be lightweight and completely flexible to move with you all day long. This band is for those people always on the go; Photographers, singers, sales professionals, anyone who would find it convenient to share contact information with just a wrist bump to a smartphone, while doing a backflip.

  • Next gen NFC chip to transfer data to smartphones with a tap 
  • Made of medical grade anti-microbial silicone
  • Super stretchy, lightweight and flexible to fit on all wrists comfortably. Feels like it is not even there. 
  • Completely waterproof, sweatproof and designed to be worn all day, and night. Shower-safe! 
  • Very minimal Tap Tag branding for fashion. Just 3 white lines to show where NFC chip is on front, and "Tap Tag" indented in black on the back.
  • Comes Pre-loaded with a Free digital profile and contact card, claim the profile by tap/scanning the card for the first time. Manage/edit your contact card at anytime remotely via the dashboard. (make free account on first tap)
  • No subscriptions. Unlimited tap/scans.
  • NFC is Dynamic, meaning you can redirect to ANY website of your choice remotely at any time, this temporarily overrides the contact card. Can be toggled on/off any time from dashboard. 
  • Re-programmable chip in case you ever want to change the data it relays to smartphones
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Re-programmable chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Easy to program and set up - Or we will program for you if you fill out that field
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone

Is this wrist band waterproof?

Yes, this NFC bracelet is fully waterproof, sweat proof, dust proof, etc. It has a flexible chip inside the silicone that is design to move with you. 

Will it fit me?

The bracelet is the same size and stretchability of an Armstrong band, but made from a premium-grade antimicrobial silicone. It will comfortably fit on almost all wrists. Small to medium sized male and female wrists are perfect. If you have larger wrists, like that of a hefty construction worker, the band may be a little tight and we advise against ordering. 

Can I wear this NFC bracelet during sports?

Yes, completely safe for you and the bracelet to be worn while playing sports. The flexible NFC tags is very resistant to shock and bending. 

Can I wear it all day & night?

Yes, not only is the band comfortable, it never really needs to come off. As the person writing this... I have been wearing my band for over a month straight. 

Does the WHOLE band have NFC?

No, the NFC chip is located where the signal-icon is. Tap that section of the bracelet to transfer your data to a smartphone. 

Can I get this band customized?

Yes. We currently only can customize if order 100 bands or more. This process could take up to 4 weeks to receive. You can customize any way to you want like color, logo, size, etc. Email us HERE for inquires 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Breanna Gaskill

Silicone Minimalist NFC Wristband

Michael Watkins
Smooth and easy

Reissued tap tag wrist band that lost its power

Jose Rojas
Excellent product and service

Works with other services, as noted. Also very responsive tech support. Excellent experience.

Jamie Holland
Love this!

I have used this a few times so far and really enjoy it! It’s working great!

Jennifer G.
Very professional and vivid colors

My new 2 sided card and wristband came in quickly and look so professional. I have already received lots of compliments. Highly recommend Tap Tag to anyone looking to use NFC. I will be using these for my clients as well.

Marisol Hernandez
Tap Tag

I love it, the only downfall is that is a bit too big for my wrist.