Silicone Minimalist Tap Wristband

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This extremely comfortable antimicrobial silicone wristband has Tap Tags next-gen NFC chip that is able to be lightweight and completely flexible to move with you all day long. This band is for those people always on the go; Photographers, singers, sales professionals, anyone who would find it convenient to share contact information with just a wrist bump to a smartphone, while doing a backflip.

✅ Dynamic tap business card, manage any time from a dashboard

✅ Unlimited Taps. Share with any smartphone with a bump to the tap symbol

✅ Made of medical grade anti-microbial silicone

✅ Lightweight and flexible to fit on all wrists comfortably

✅ Completely waterproof, sweatproof and designed to be worn all day, and night. Shower-safe! 

✅ Very minimal Tap Tag branding for fashion. Just 3 white lines to show where NFC chip is on front, and "Tap Tag" indented in black on the back.

✅ Reprogammable to add any website, social, or review page of your choosing

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Digital Profile Included

Every wristband comes with a free-forever digital profile and contact card download. Set up your profile upon arrival of your band and start sharing with a tap.

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As Minimal As Possible

At almost the same dimensions as a live strong band, this tap-to-share lightweight bracelet won't even feel like it's there.


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
TJ Carson
Tap Tag Will Have Your Back

I have purchased a couple times from Tap Tag, because they are basically the only place that provides single designed cards that you don't have to buy in bulk. On top, I made a mention that my card had been stolen with my wallet and they sent me a wallet and an additional free gift! The Tap Tag Folks rule. Always recommend them

Roland Lemus
It really works!

I always forgot to ask for reviews, with tap Tag I don’t forget and ask right there in the delivery, so it’s easy for clients to give you a review. Hope to get a lot now!

Lauren Meehan
Tap Tag review

Other brands much cheaper. The login offers nothingeBay. the free nfc writing phone app does. I like that it is thinner than other brands but I see no real benefit of this brand over others purchased for a fraction of the price on ebay. I don't even need to use it for address sharing. I use it for other things so the log in is useless to me. Don't like the logo engraved in the band. It catches dirt...which is the entire point of using silicon over something nicer like leather. It is higher quality silicone compared to most others but not really worth the higher price point.

Mike Davis
Extremely fast. Easy to work with.

Shipped the same day I placed the order. Easy to work with.


Works great, very easy to use!

Jeffrey Campbell

Love my Tap Tags. Best and easiest method to promote my business. So easy to setup and use.