Silicone Minimalist Tap Wristband

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This extremely comfortable antimicrobial silicone wristband has a next-gen NFC chip that is able to be lightweight and completely flexible to move with you all day long. This band is for those people always on the go; Photographers, singers, sales professionals, anyone who would find it convenient to share contact information with just a wrist bump to a smartphone, while doing a backflip.

  • Next gen NFC chip to transfer data to smartphones with a tap 
  • Made of medical grade anti-microbial silicone
  • Stretchy, lightweight and flexible to fit on all wrists comfortably. Feels like it is not even there. 
  • Completely waterproof, sweatproof and designed to be worn all day, and night. Shower-safe! 
  • Very minimal Tap Tag branding for fashion. Just 3 white lines to show where NFC chip is on front, and "Tap Tag" indented in black on the back.
  • Comes Pre-loaded with a Free digital profile and contact card, claim the profile by tap/scanning the card for the first time. Manage/edit your contact card at anytime remotely via the dashboard. (make free account on first tap)
  • No subscriptions. Unlimited tap/scans.
  • Re-programmable chip in case you ever want to change the data it relays to smartphones

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    Digital Profile Included

    Every wristband comes with a free-forever digital profile and contact card download. Set up your profile upon arrival of your band and start sharing with a tap.

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    As Minimal As Possible

    At almost the same dimensions as a live strong band, this tap-to-share lightweight bracelet won't even feel like it's there.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Mike Davis
    Extremely fast. Easy to work with.

    Shipped the same day I placed the order. Easy to work with.

    Jeffrey Campbell

    Love my Tap Tags. Best and easiest method to promote my business. So easy to setup and use.

    Jacob Pierce
    An excellent addition to my videography kit

    I shoot lots of video for underground artists here in Denver. The biggest issues arise when I shoot show recaps. Dark venues and loud music paired with folks trying to get my information. Not only does this pull my attention from what I’m originally hired to do, but fumbling with a phone in the dark as well as trying to scream my handle over the music is an unprofessional look. All the while trying to be quick as to not miss any potential shots that would make it into my edit.

    I purchased two wrist bands for my lady and I. Now transferring info is instantaneous. I don’t miss out on shots or potential business opportunities/ followers. Every person I’ve engaged with using these are way impressed. It’s not new technology by any means which I personally feel is due to not understanding how to use them.

    The NFC function on phones is on a duty cycle. Even I used to get frustrated trying to get it to scan and find myself using banter until it finally reads. I know the instructions are buried in the FAQs but I feel it would exponentially increase the hype if it were explained boldly on the site or on the card for the product themselves.

    Lock the phone, place the nfc near the reader and wake up the phone. Every time without fail in the matter of half a second.

    Anyways. I appreciate this companies devotion to their product as well as their speedy replies to any questions that arise. You guys rock and I would love to be an ambassador!

    Deborah Brito
    Awesome products

    Everything arrived on time and works perfectly. Got the wristbands and they work flawlessly. I don’t have my phone on me sometimes but the wristband is there.

    Jennifer Cozine
    The band was hard, qr code better

    I am in contact with tap tag about this issue. But wanted to share my experience.
    I ordered the tap tag band for a conference I attended this week. I found this useless. Only about three people where able to put their phone over my band and get my details. I had to bring up the qr code. I was hoping this would make things easier. It didn't.
    I read the troubleshooting info. I asked people if they had the NFC enabled. Some did some had no idea where to see that. Most people tried to take a picture like a qr code, they did not understand.
    I wanted this to work so bad.

    Vanessa Jongma

    I have not been able to have it work with Iphones.