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Review Filtration

For exchanging contact info on a sleek business profile.

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All Tap Tags come with a completely free dynamic review platform.

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Review Filtration



$19/month or $190/year

Dashboard to edit/manage

Download QR code

Dynamic Link/QR

Google API to find your review URL

# of review sites to link to


Up to 10

FREE Review Features included on all Tap Tags

Our entire system is dynamic. Each review Tap Tag comes with a ready-to-setup profile that integrates directly with Google, allowing you to set up a page that goes directly to your Google review page when you receive your Tap Tag.

You can also direct to Yelp, TrustPilot, Facebook, Instagram, or any website of your choosing by simply pasting the website URL.

Setup in 30 seconds flat

Each Tap Tag review item comes with a ready-to-setup profile. Scan it for the first time to add a username, password, then find your business on google maps and save. Thats it.

You may also paste a web address for any website like Yelp, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, any social media page, or more. Change any time by signing in.

Manage from anywhere

Your free account comes with a dashboard to edit your review profile at any time

✅ Redirect to any website, in realtime

✅ Google API to easily find your GMB review page

✅ Download your dynamic review QR code to use anywhere

✅ Manage a separate business card profile from the same dashboard

Review Filtration

Starting at $19/month or $190/year

Like a bouncer to a club, our system vets user reviews before they become official on Google, Yelp and more. Effectively pushing through the 4-5 stars reviews, while sending the 1-3 stars to management.


Average Increase of 4 and 5 star reviews


Average decrease of 1-3 star reviews

Good reviews are shown review sites

When your Tap Tag is scanned a "Filter" page is first shown, if they user selects 4 or 5 stars they are encouraged to continue their review on actual review sites like Google, Yelp, and more.

Bad reviews are sent to a contact form

If the user selects 1 to 3 stars on the filter page, they are sent to a contact form to address any concern they may have. This information is sent directly to management, effectively stopping a bad review from being written.

Customize your review page

You can edit the image, title, and text on your main review page, the contact form, and the final link page.

Add to Apple / Google Wallet

Add your QR code to your digital wallet. Simply pull up your digital card for anyone to scan your review QR code right off of your phone screen or Apple Watch.


Track how many visitors have seen your filter page and track a timestamp of each review captured by it.

This data does not correlate with actual reviews left on official platforms like Google, Yelp, etc. Only 1-5 star reviews on the filter page.

Convenient Pricing to fit your budget

Basic Plan

Easily find your business via Google API, and redirect to any review platform such as Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and more. Manage or download your dynamic QR code any time.

Completely Free, included on all Tap Tags

Review Filtration

All features of Free, plus review filtration, analytics, add to Apple/Google wallet, and the ability to link up to 10 review sites for one physical business location. Free Review Card included.

$19/month or $190/year

Filtration for Multiple Locations

Manage up to 10 locations from one dashboard, all with their own custom review filtration page, analytics for each, and more.

3 Locations = $49/month or $490/year

5 Locations = $79/month or $790/year

10 Locations = $109/month or $1099/year

Review items in all shapes and sizes

Each item comes with a ready-to-setup review profile. Choose if you want the basic free software or Review Filtration when setting up after the product arrives.

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