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1: Tap Tag offers BIG discounts on bulk orders of NFC tags and bulk orders of NFC business cards to help your business achieve its NFC goals.

  2: We offer customization so you can put your own logo, QR code, text, or even your face onto Tap Tag products through our advanced printing process. We will help you fit your design and walk you through every step quickly and efficiently. 

3: Always free US shipping, fast delivery time, and satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Below you can order our brandless custom NFC tags or our custom NFC business cards in bulk. Please email us if you have any questions - TapTagShop@gmail.com

‚úÖ Save on paper business cards

‚úÖ Save the planet

‚úÖ A new contactless way to interact

‚úÖ We are the most affordable custom NFC products, the fastest turnaround, and the highest quality shipped from New York

Tap Tag Sticky NFC tags

Our sticky NFC tags are designed to stick anywhere you want to put contactless link sharing. Plus, these tags can be customized with almost any image you want whether it be a logo or an actual photo.

Here are some examples of recent businesses investing in NFC tags

- Resturants are adding QR's and NFC linking to their menu and sticking to each table

- Companies are giving these to their employees with the company logo programmed with a personal contact card, this guarentees the rep will always have a business card on them.

- Coffee shops add one to their counter and link the tag to a customer survey, follow on social media, or a website.

The possibilities are endless.

NFC Plastic Business Cards

Plastic NFC cards are an extremely affordable way to bring NFC to your workforce and your customers. These cards sport full-color photo-quality sublimation, meaning they will not fade or scratch easily. All of our products are reprogrammable meaning if an employee leaves, you can repurpose the card for the next one.

These cards are the size and weight of a typical credit card, with an NFC chip embedded unseen inside the plastic. Simply hold up to a smartphone and share your contact card, website, digital landing page, or anything you see fit.

Bulk Metal NFC Business Cards

Our metal cards are the thickness of an AMEX black card. Custom laser-engraved to your liking with an NFC chip embedded in the back to share content seamlessy with a smartphone.

These re-usable metal business cards are the boldest way to make a first impression.

See non-wholesale metal card