Custom/Bulk NFC Tag and Card Orders

Hello! Welcome. You're going to love this page for three reasons. 

1: Tap Tag offers BIG discounts on bulk orders of NFC tags or bulk orders of NFC business cards to help your business achieve its NFC goals. 
2: We offer customization so you can put your own logo, QR code, text, or even your face onto Tap Tag through our advanced printing process. We will help you fit your design and walk you through every step quickly and efficiently. 
3: Always free shipping, fast delivery time, and satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Our customer service is second to none. 
Bulk NFC Tag and Custom NFC tag Orders
Custom Logo tags 
20 tags $220
50 tags $295
100 tags $370
200 tags $565
500 tags $1240
1000 tags $2120
2000 tags $3400


Bulk NFC Business Card Orders

All wholesale NFC business cards are custom front. For PVC and wood cards the NFC chip is completely hidden inside of the card and not visible from either side. For Bulk Metal cards, there is a circle on the back side that is the chip. 

PVC Plastic Wood Cards Aluminum Metal Brass Metal
10 Cards $150 $170 $280 $360
20 Cards $200 $220 $420 $480
50 Cards $400 $440 $750 $810
100 Cards $600 $640 $1099 $1160
200 Cards $790 $830 $1999 $2100


Black Matte Anodized Aluminum NFC Card

      Arrow PNG - Download Arrow Clipart      

Sustainable Bamboo NFC Card

    Arrow PNG - Download Arrow Clipart    Wood NFC business cards





Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated shipping times?

For custom printing orders, processing/shipping averages 3-4 weeks from start to finish. We also offer expedited shipping for $100 that shrinks the average time down to roughly one week. For Bulk orders of just the Tap Tag brand NFC chips shipping is less than 7 days.

Are there any limitations on what I can print on NFC tag?

Nope! You can't print anything. The only limitation is that the NFC tag is about 1 inch wide so be careful that the text is not too small for people to read or that the image is not too detailed to be affected when scaled down. We will help you format the design to fit accordingly.
As for Custom NFC business cards, the possibilities are endless. The PVC cards can have any color or design printed directly onto them. For wood or metal cards, you have the option to either engrave the cards, print ink onto them, or both! Please inquire to see all of the possibilities. 

Will you help with our design?

We will guide you if we think your logo text is too small, or if the print will not come out looking good for any reason. We can also crop a logo or picture to fit on NFC tag or business card free of charge and adjust accordingly. We do offer a logo design service for an added charge depending on your needs. Contact Us to find out more about designing your NFC tag logo.  

What is the process from start to finish?

The process is super quick and easy. Simply fill out the form above. We will email you back within 24 hours. Send us your design and we will fit onto a template for you to approve, we will adjust accordingly if need be. Once design is approved we will send an invoice, once paid your order will start and will ship when finished. The invoice stage takes less than 3 days on average and processing-to-arrival stage typically takes 3 weeks. 

What is the memory size of the NFC chips

For the prices quoted in the spreadsheet above, the tags comes with 144 bytes of memory. This amount of memory is ideal for most applications such as link sharing, location sharing, wifi credentials, etc. For added cost there are 277 and 502 byte options available. 

Do your NFC products work with bot Apple and Android?

Yes! Good news is most smartphones are capable of reading NFC right out of the box with no app required. Simply program you NFC chip once and any time someone phone taps your chip, they will receive only the information you encoded in the chip. 

Do the tags come pre-programmed?

Yes we offer free programming. You are welcome to program yourself as well using our Easy Guides. It is very fast and simple using just a smartphone and a free app. For example, programming 100 tags takes about 15-20 minutes. 

What comes with wholesale orders?

Bulk orders only come with the NFC tags shipped securely in a box. There are no marketing materials or individual packaging. We do offer custom packaging for each NFC tag or NFC business card for an additional cost ranging from $.50 cents to $10 per package depending on the intricacy of the package. Fill out the form above, when we email you mention your interest in custom packaging and we can show you some options. 

May we re-sell a custom or non-custom Tap Tag?

Sure! Our wholesale options are priced for you and your business. You can hand out our tags or business cards to your customers as a promotion, as a give-away, as an add-on to another product, or resell them at the counter of your business for a price you see fit. You may not claim the Tap Tag brand as your own, or add your own packaging to Tap Tag brand. We can supply packaging at an additional cost upon request.  

Have a question not on this list?

Go to our Contact Form and ask away, we will be happy to help in any way we can! We look forward to working with you.