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Three ways to earn money, even, for something as simple as a social media post.

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Affiliate payouts in 2023


Trending 3x growth 2024

Ways to earn #1 - PayPal & Venmo cash payouts

Become a Tap Tag Affiliate 💰

Our affiliate program allows you to profit off of your network without having to do anything but share your link, we will take care of the fulfillment.

Simply sign up for free, then share your affiliate link on your digital profile or on social media. Any sales referred to us earn you uncapped commissions with no minimum payout required. 30-day cookies too!

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Ways to earn #2 - Refunds or store Credit

Social Post Payout 📱

Easy money! Make a post on social media to earn a refund on your recent purchase or store credit. Whichever you prefer.

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Ways to earn #3 - Discounts on software & free product

50% off Teams plan for you & a colleague

Successfully refer another equal or greater business account to Tap Tag Teams and you will both receive a 50% discount on the subscription for your first year.

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