Game Changing Software for Individuals is a powerful profile management tool that comes pre-installed on every Tap Tag. This system allows you to easily set up your contact card, share it, manage it, and more.

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All Tap Tags include a FREE profile, you may choose to upgrade at any time.

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Base Profile




$6/month or $60/year

Dashboard to edit/manage

Web Based Profile

Contact Download button/popup

Redirect Tool

Download/Print QR Code

FREE Features included on all Tap Tags

Simply tap/scan your NFC card or tag the first time to set up your account. Add the contact info you want to share with others then save. Every tap thereafter will direct others to your profile and an automatic contact download. 

Sharing your contact with a client faster than you can read this sentence.

When tapping your Tap Tag to a clients iPhone, a contact card automatically pops up allowing for someone to save your pre-filled contact card directly into their phone.

Digital Profile

In addition to your contact card, a web-based profile also loads. This page can be customized with social icons, colors, and more. Customize your profile to you and your brand.

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Update Remotely

All changes to your profile will update your linked products in real time. Updates are easily accessible on the desktop and mobile friendly dashboard.

Use Your Profile Anywhere

Add your profile link to your email signature, to your website, print out your profile QR for print-marketing, text it, or email it. Share it anywhere.

Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime

Take our free base profile for a test drive. If you want more features it is easy to upgrade, and just as easy to downgrade.

Make it your Own

Edit the colors of your page, buttons, links, text, etc. Add a profile image that shows on your page and also transfers to a recipients phonebook. 

Pro Features

Upgrade your profile to have additional features for just $48/year, about 1/3rd the cost of the other guys.


Lead Capture Form / CRM Integration

Set a share form to automatically pop up when viewing your profile.

Invite your prospect to share their information with you. When they send, you and your prospect are CC'd on an email containing both of your downloaded contact cards to exchange info. This info can also be sent to your native CRM system to auto-create contacts.

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Add to Google & Apple Wallet

This feature adds your QR code to your digital wallets so you can easily pull it up at the click of a button, when someone scans this QR they will be directed to your digital business card.

Embed Video

With our Pro upgrade, you can now embed up Vimeo or Youtube video directly on your profile. The user can also play these videos right on your profile without leaving.

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Profile Analytics / Manage a 2nd Profile

See basic daily/weekly/monthly/yearly pageview analytics on your dashboard updated in realtime.

Test out our Team management by managing up to two profiles from one dashboard

Custom Branding

Replace our branding with yours. Add your profile picture, an cover image behind it, and a footer with your logo and links

Verified Pro ✓

You will have the option to add the familiar "Verified" badge to your profile. When hovered over or clicked it will say "Verified Pro Networker" to add a level of trust with those you interact with.

Enterprise-Level Business Card Management

Team solutions available for managing multiple digital business cards.

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Find Employees

Easy-to-use Search Function

Share Profiles

Quickly share employee URL's


Track day/week/month/year pageviews

QR's for all

Download & print employee profile QRs

Update Live

Edit/change employee info in realtime


Repurpose an ex-employees card to a new employee


Send an employee profile to another website

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Easily replace and reorder product

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