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Tap Tag - HyperSlim 2.0

Tap Tag - HyperSlim 2.0

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This tag is the skinniest it gets in NFC tap-to-share. HyperSlim sticky tag is a durable vinyl tag designed to fit UNDER your case to be completely unseen and powerful enough to scan through your case, also can be put on the outside of your case. This matte black un-branded Tap Tag chip can be used inside or outside your case. Highly durable, flexible, completely waterproof. Just 0.2mm thick. Our new 2.0 version is 70% slimmer than our last model! Also, 2.0 is now customizable with a logo for an additional $5, in case you have a clear case.

Fits behind 100% of cases including Apple branded cases, Otterbox, Spec, LifeProof, Insignia, Minimalist, and more. 

Does not interfere with wireless charging, Apple Magsafe, or any car mount magnet (recommended to place near bottom 1/3rd of phone). However, Metal blocks NFC so please be sure there is no metal in your case where you would put the tag. 

Tech Specs:
  • 35 mm diameter, 0.2 mm thick. No battery, electric, or charging required. 
  • Comes Pre-loaded with a Free digital profile and contact card, claim the profile by tap/scanning the card for the first time. Manage/edit your contact card at anytime remotely via the dashboard. (make free account on first tap)
  • No subscriptions. Unlimited tap/scans.
  • NFC is Dynamic, meaning you can redirect to ANY website of your choice remotely at any time, this temporarily overrides the contact card. Can be toggled on/off any time from dashboard. 
  • Re-programmable open-sourced chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone
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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Hasson Erwin
Perfect timing

I received my tags right on time. They were easy to install and program. During the thanksgiving dinner, everyone asked about it and loved them.

Sabrina Adler
Love it

Helpful tech support solved issue.

Chris Bonn
Two weeks later still hasn’t arrived

Stop using USPS! They suck!

Jamie Holland
Love this!

Great product! Easy to set up! Love using it.

Luis Sanchez
learning how to use it properly

luv it, heaps better than biz cards, save trees and gives us a tech savvy look!

Excited to see!

Some shipping issues on the first order but Tyler shipped another order out at no cost. Excited to use these at our next convention!