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Users report an average of +500% increase in 5-star reviews by simply using our no-subscription tap review products. Customers simply tap the item with their smartphone to leave a review.

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Henry Galloway

Tap Review cards are a game changer.

Getting just one 5-star review for my business was worth the price of this card, the other 99 Google reviews I got this month was the icing on the cake.

Mary Lombardi

Finally leveled up!

I supplied my team of 8 people with these cards to see who can get the most reviews. We set out to get 40 reviews... we got 138. Great product!!

Joshua Rusa

Worth every penny

More than reasonable price, no subscription, no setup, shipped the same day I ordered, and my new tap review signs work like a charm. Perfect service all around. *clap emoji*

Frank Stallone

Our reputation significantly increased

My company got one review sign as a tester, it worked so well we just bought 210 more for every franchise in the US. Tap Tag has great customer service and extremely helpful staff.

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Mic Drop.

Tap Tag is the only company in the world able to deliver custom review products, all with a jaw dropping one-day turnaround.