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We will add any link to your Tap Tag, whether it be your Contact Card, Instagram, Linkedin, or.. anything! All of our fully-custom products use NFC technology to seamlessly share data to any smartphone.

Literally just a tap from a smartphone. They don't need a tag or app to scan. We're serious here. It's that easy. Works on Apple and Android.

We take pride in having the most affordable NFC products in the industry with the ability to ship fully-custom items from the US in 24 hours or less. Our unlocked open-sourced NFC tags can have almost anything easily programmed into them at any time, even competitor apps work with Tap Tag.

All of our products have tap-to-share NFC tech.

  • USA-Based


  • Everything is Customizable


  • Everything Ships in 24 Hours or less


  • No Subscriptions


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  • How to use NFC tag that sticks to the back of your phone. Tap Tag

    Stick a Tap Tag to your phone, backpack, desk, etc

    Tap Tag sticky tags can stick to almost anything. No charging or batteries required. We'll program any link onto your Tap Tag to share with just a tap of a smartphone. They do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan.

  • The business cards have NFC too? OHH yea

    All of our custom NFC business cards sport the same NFC tech that seamlessly works with the tap of a smartphone. Our reusable metal, plastic, and wood NFC cards are custom made in NY and shipped the next day.

  • Share what matters most

    Creators and businesses use Tap Tag to share their content, menus, socials, reviews, and more.. touch free. Link to your Contact Info, LinkedIn, Youtube, Website, or use popular digital business card sites like Beacons to combine everything.

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Power meets Product.

We have partnered with, an ultra powerful FREE digital landing page creator so you can lump all of your info onto your Tap Tag, track analytics, and grow your network.  

When your Tap Tag is tapped it will bring your new-found friend to a customizable page like this showing all of your social media and contact information in one place.

Or, set up a downloadable contact card to save directly into their phone, like this one. It's like carrying a stack of business cards at all times, but way cooler.

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