Enterprise-Level Digital Business Card Management

A team solution for the digital age.
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One Powerful Dashboard

Manage all employees from one single dashboard, manage their info, assign login/edit permissions, track team and individual analytics, and much more.

Manage your team's business cards like never before

Manage up to 100,000 profiles from one easy to use dashboard. Update them remotely in realtime from across the country. Assign permissions per employee to either allow them to edit, view others, or lock them out completely so you have full control.

CRM Integration

Using Zapier, you can integrate to send leads to create contacts within your CRM, contact book, calendar and more. Over 5000 apps use Zapier allowing us to integrate with 99.9% of CRMs and web apps.

Plus, each employee profile is upgraded to have all features shown below.

A beautiful and customizable landing page

The information on each page can be customized per employee. As a company, you can set a cover image and page/button colors for all.

Share a Downloadable Vcard

Have a ready-to-save vcard pop up when someone taps your card, or they can click the button on the profile for the same action.

Lead Capture Form / Auto Introduction

Set a share form to automatically pop up when viewing your profile.

Invite your prospect to share their information with you. When they send, you and your prospect are CC'd on an email containing both of your downloaded contact cards and an introduction to open a thread of communication between one another.

This method of networking has been proven to be 380% more impactful than sharing just your contact card.

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Embed Video / SMS

You can embed up to two Vimeo or Youtube videos directly on your profile. The user can also play these videos right on your profile without leaving.

Upgraded profiles also have the ability to add an SMS button that allows users to text you.

Add to Google & Apple Wallet

This feature adds your QR code to your digital wallets so you can easily pull it up at the click of a button, when someone scans this QR they will be directed to your digital business card.

Verified Pro ✓

Your employees will have the option to add the familiar "Verified" badge to your profile. When hovered over or clicked it will say "Verified Pro Networker" to add a level of trust with those you interact with.

Custom Branding / Master Theme

Customize all aspects of your profiles, or set a master theme that all profiles follow. Add your own branding to the top and bottom of the page, add button animations, videos, text, buttons and more.

More features included on all Tap Tags

Simply tap/scan your NFC card or tag the first time to set up your account. Add the contact info you want to share with others then save. Every tap thereafter will direct others to your profile and an automatic contact download.  Each employee can link themselves to your admin account easily.

Transparent Team Pricing

Full team management + all Pro features included for all employees. This pricing is overall, not per employee.



Yearly (Save 17%)

5 Profiles



10 Profiles



25 Profiles



50 Profiles



100 Profiles



250 Profiles



...or just $0

Team packages are not mandatory if getting bulk product. You are welcome to ride on our free platform which allows each user to setup and manage their own profile disconnected from any management. Upgrade at any time.

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