How the Contact Exchange / Lead Capture Form Works

In April 2023 we introduced a new powerful Pro feature to our digital business card software. We call it the contact exchange form, which is an upgrade to our previous lead capture form. See it live Here. 
When inventing this feature we dug down to the very roots of networking.  
The Problem:
Previously, we just offered the ability for someone to save your contact vcard. This pops up automatically when someone loads your profile, in addition to a separate button to share their information.
We realize that not everyone is always inclined to save your contact information.
This is an easy alternative for those who prefer to give, rather than receive,\\\\\\\\\\ this data. Having someone send you their information takes the uncertainty away  from the end user by not pressuring them. It will also automatically send an email to them as well as yourself exchanging both contact information. It is similar to a digital handshake of sorts.
The Solution:
Our new contact exchange form is revolutionary to the digital business card market. This is a multi-step feature, allow me to explain.
With our Pro package you can now select what pops up when someone views your profile. Your options are: The lead capture form, the auto-contact download, just your profile, or a redirect to another website. Select the lead capture form. 
Research shows that most people are willing to share their info with you when given the opportunity. This new form allows just that. Adjust your conversation with the customer to gain interest and entice them to tap your card to capture their information. 
Upon tapping your NFC Business card, a share form (shown above) will pop up automatically. Inform the customer to fill out any information they are comfortable with as it will then allow you to save their contact. All that is required is first name and email. 
When the customer submits the form, you will both be CC'd on an email that contains both of your contact information and introduces each of you within an email communication. To further explain, their information is automatically converted into a vcard file that you can click in the email to save into your contacts. Additionally your profile is also attached to the email to allow them to save your vcard on their own time. This method also ensures the customer can find you again via email and contact you easily. 
We found that this method has a significant increase in communications with leads.
Tap Tag will always be on the cutting edge of research and development when it comes to the best networking features possible. We plan to further develop this lead capture feature to be the best on the market, and continue to hold one of the top spots in the digital business card & product market. 
You can check out the form by clicking this Sample Profile and filling out your info. 
This feature is available on our Pro package as well as our Team packages. To view all features we offer and compare Free vs. Pro click on This Page. 

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