How to pair employees to account using parent account code

How to pair employees to account using parent account code

How to link employees to your organization

In this article we will be going over how to pair employees to your dashboard so you can directly manage, edit, and see analytics for each individual profile. 

A few things to note about a master accounts:

  • The master account is the subscription holder
  • The master account login is the only account able to see, edit, and manage employees. Employees are locked out from this information
  • The master account is the profile responsible for subscription charges
  • All accounts linked including master account receive all "Pro" upgraded features. 
  • The master account itself counts as a profile. In other words, getting 10 profiles would be a master account and 9 employees. All 10 are visible and manageable 

To start linking employees, the master account will need to have a "Team" package or beyond, like Corporate or Enterprise packages. More packages may be added in the future. When choosing a package it will tell you the amount of profile allotted. In this example we will choose the Team package which allow for 10 profiles. 

Step by Step Master account setup

1: Choose the NFC item that will be the account masters. Tap/scan this item for the first time to start the setup. If you don't know how to scan preview our Help Page 

1a: If you already have your account/profile setup, you may login to your dashboard and click the "Subscription" tab, here you can easily upgrade your package. Skip to step 6 if you are upgraded to the "Team" or better package already. 

2: After a successful scan you will see a page like this, select the first option "Claim My New Profile"

3: On the next page select your package. If managing profiles you will need to select "Team" or better, depending on how many profiles you need. 

4: On the next page, proceed to set up your profile. Add the information you want to share with others when they tap your NFC Item. Email, password, first, and last name are the only ones required, all else is optional. 

5: Proceed to payment screen and checkout. After, you will see your live profile for the first time. At the bottom of your profile there will always be a "Dashboard Login"

6: Login to your dashboard. On the first screen you will see a "Parent Account Code" near the top right. You will want to share this code with all of your employees that have not set up their profile. The code will look something like wsfof3z2iD

Linking Employees / Setting up employee accounts

1: When an employee taps their NFC item for the time they will see the same exact claim page, but this time they will select the third option "Link my profile to my organization"

2: After clicking, there will be a text box that appears that asks to enter the Parent Account Code. This is the parent account code mentioned previously in step 6 from the master account. Enter the Parent account code.

3: After entering code, click Continue. You will now see the form to add the specific  employee information, this is info that the public will see when tapping their NFC item. This is the last time the employee will be able to edit their information before forfeiting control to the master account. We allow this one time to help outsource the contact-input to the employees allowing the master account to simply audit the information rather than taking the time to enter in potentially 100's of employee contact data. 

4: After saving the form. you will see the employees live profile for the first time. Again, the employee has no dashboard and will not be able to edit information further. They will have to contact the account master to make changes. 

Managing employees from the dashboard

Once an employee adds the parent account code, fills out the form, and saves their profile, you will now be able to see them from your master account dashboard.

From here you will be able to edit all employee information, see analytics of each employee, and search for employees with ease. All updates are in realtime and will immediately update the employees NFC item from anywhere in the world. You can also download each employees QR to use for websites or print media. 

We have added an "Add to Google/Apple wallet" feature for all paid-profile including ones managed. Employees do not have access to this feature naturally since they do not have a dashboard. If you would like to send them a card for their digital wallet, you can Copy the link next to the feature and text or email it to the employee.   

Common Questions & Issues

I have already set up employee profiles without linking them, how do I link after?

We are currently working on this feature, however it is not related yet. We can do it manually on our end so just Email Us the profile URL or email address of the employee profiles, and the the profile URL or email address of the master account to link them to

Will future updates be applied to my account?

Yes! All future updates will apply to your account if applicable to your package. 

How do I upgrade my account so I can manage profiles?

Login to your dashboard and select the "Subscription" tab. Here you will be able to easily upgrade. You will want to choose the Team package or better to manage profiles. All profiles under management are automatically upgraded to with pro features. 

How do I delete a profile under my management?

At this time you cannot delete a profile, however you can select the "Edit Profile" option and switch out all the information to a new employee to repurpose the NFC item and profile. If you need to delete a profile, you can email us and we can do it for you

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