Why You Should Throw Away Your Paper Business Cards & Get a Digital Business Card ASAP!

Why You Should Throw Away Your Paper Business Cards & Get a Digital Business Card ASAP!

Upgrade Your Networking: 5 Benefits of NFC Business Cards Over Paper Business Cards

In today's fast-paced digital age, many professionals understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression. Traditional paper business cards have long been the norm, but with advancing technology, NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards are changing networking practices. For those wondering, "What is the point of using NFC business cards?" This post explores the significant advantages of NFC business cards and the potential drawbacks of sticking to the old paper business cards.

The Consequences of Sticking to Paper Business Cards

Before looking at the benefits of NFC business cards, it's crucial to understand the potential problems of using traditional paper cards. Paper business cards, while tangible and familiar, often end up lost, damaged, or simply discarded. In fact, studies show that 88% of paper business cards are thrown away within a week of being received (Source: Statistic Brain). This rapid disposal can result in lost networking opportunities, lowered brand visibility, and ultimately a waste of your business' resources. So how can NFC Digital Business Cards serve as a better solution? Here's 5 reasons to ditch your paper business cards and get NFC business cards today!

1. Differentiation and Memorability

Standing out in a competitive market requires creativity and doing something different than your competitors. NFC business cards offer a unique and memorable way to make a lasting impression. The interactive nature of NFC technology is interesting to people and is a great way to break the ice, leading to a more meaningful business interaction. It sets you apart from the crowd, ensuring that your contact information remains accessible and memorable long after the initial meeting.

2. Enhanced Online Presence

In today's interconnected world, maintaining a strong digital presence is crucial for professional success. NFC business cards can be programmed to automatically direct recipients to your website, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio with a simple tap on a smartphone. Some companies like TapTag offer free digital business card software to link multiple sites together at once! This seamless integration enhances your digital footprint and facilitates immediate engagement, significantly outperforming the printed information presented on traditional paper cards.

3. Improved Data Collection

For businesses, collecting accurate contact information from potential clients or partners is essential for effective follow-ups and marketing campaigns. NFC business cards streamline this process by enabling instant data capture. With each tap, contact details can be easily saved to the recipient's device. This allows for you to effectively give out and receive information from contacts and leads. 

4. Better for the Environment

One of the standout advantages of NFC business cards is their eco-friendly nature. Unlike paper cards, which contribute to deforestation and waste accumulation, NFC cards are made from durable materials that can last for years. TapTag has various options such as steel, brass, and plastic business cards. This sustainability aligns with modern corporate responsibility initiatives and appeals to environmentally conscious professionals and clients alike.

5. Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run

While the initial investment in NFC technology may seem higher than printing traditional paper cards, the long-term cost-effectiveness is undeniable. NFC business cards eliminate the recurring expense of reprinting paper cards and reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional printing processes. It also reduces the waste associated with turnover. Instead of buying new paper cards every time an employee leaves or is fired, companies using TapTag's Teams Software can reset and repurpose their current NFC digital business cards when a new hire takes over a position. Over time, this investment pays off in terms of sustainability and durability.


In conclusion, the shift from paper business cards to NFC technology is a huge leap forward in modern networking practices. By embracing NFC business cards, professionals can enhance their digital presence, improve sustainability efforts, streamline data collection, and ultimately differentiate themselves in a competitive market. The consequences of not making this switch include missed opportunities, increased environmental footprint, wasted money, and outdated networking strategies.

Embrace new technology, reduce waste, and elevate your networking game with NFC business cards today!

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