RFID Blocking Slim Pop Wallet

RFID Blocking
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Our RFID/NFC Blocking Slim Pop Wallet is the perfect companion for our NFC business cards. Our wallets create a magnetic field around 1 inch of the outside of the wallet to block all NFC and RFID signals. This adds a layer of security to your NFC business card so no one can scan while secured in wallet. The wallets also protect your card from scratches, magnetics, and xray machines that could erase the NFC chip.  

All of our wallets feature a "pop" function that pops your credit cards or NFC cards to all be visible with an easy pull of a lever. Easily push your cards back down for next time. The aluminum pop section supports 1-7 cards, it does not have to be full to be used. It will work with just 1 card if needed. 

There are two more card slots on the inside leather for something like a drivers license, photo, or another credit card. Additionally, there is a clever fold meant to hold 1-4 paper dollar bills to be completely tucked away and hidden inside the wallet until opened. 

Please view the videos in product images to see it in action. 

✅ RFID/NFC blocking within 1 inch

✅ Pop feature to view up to 7 cards at once, cards do not fall out. 

✅ Protects credits cards and NFC cards from damage

✅ Aluminum case internally and leather externally

✅ Can hold up to 9 cards and 4 dollar bills comfortably

✅ Low profile

✅ 5/8'" thickness when completely full

This item is non-NFC, meaning it does not share your contact card like our other items. Instead, it blocks a contact card being read while one of our NFC business cards are inside of it or within 1 inch of it.

RFID/NFC Blocking

This wallet emits a magnetic field that disrupts NFC and RFID waves, this keeps your credit cards and NFC cards completely un-scannable while stored away.

9 cards, 4 bills, all hidden.

Just ⅝" thickness when fully loaded

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Keefer
Time will tell

So far so good...

Kickstarter backer
Works well

love my new wallet. 10/10 recommend!

Kickstarter backer
this wallet POPS

The pop feature is SOOOO cool!! I got this for my husband as a birthday gift and he loves it. The lever is such a neat feature that makes it so different and easy to use.

Nicole M.
Cheapest around

I was looking at other wallets just like this one and they charged at least double! I'm so happy I went with this one. exactly what I need at half the cost. fits all my cards and money perfectly

joy grant
Wonderful Product

The products from TapTag are very useful, professional looking and work exactly as described. Support staff is on point with replying back quickly and answering any questions you may have.
J Grant - Delta Air Lines

derik belanger
Great tool and conversation starter

I was at some biotech and pharma conferences all week and this new business card of mine did not disappoint. It was also a great conversation starter. 100% recommend, highest quality.