Like Magic! Share Your Info with a Tap

NFC is one of today's hottest business technologies for easily sharing your digital business card or website to any smartphone.

Like magic, just tap your NFC business card, bracelet, keychain or any of Tap Tags products to a smartphone and your info is seamlessly transferred.

How to Make the Magic Happen:

1) Purchase an NFC Business Card (or other NFC enabled product on this page)

2) We'll automatically link it to your SavvyCard Digital Business Card (which your real estate organization already provides to you as a FREE MEMBER BENEFIT). Your

SavvyCard is the PERFECT online profile for your NFC enabled products!

One reusable card to replace 1 million paper cards

Your NFC tap-to-Share business card can be tapped as many times as you wish to any smartphone. No more wasting paper cards.


Just a tap

All of our products can have your Savvy Card loaded onto them. Just hold your Tap Tag near a smartphone and a notification will appear like magic.