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Our Pledge

Tap Tag 's sharing-technology lessens the need for paper business cards thus saving  trees and our precious earth. We want to take it one step further. After your purchase of Tap Tag EARTH, We will donate 100% percent of the sale and match an additional $15 to OneTreePlanted, a charity that plants one tree per dollar in the Amazon Rainforest or where they are needed most. Thirty trees will be planted on your behalf and this Tag will represent that. You will receive a certificate via email by OneTreePlanted with your name on it. To learn more visit https://onetreeplanted.org/. We will match up to $250 per customer. 

Tap Tag uses special NFC technology to seamlessly share media with others. It can stick to your smartphone, camera bag, or anywhere you see fit. When tapped it shares anything you load onto it securely, like social media, contact info, your website, anything with no app or Tap Tag required to scan. It's like a digital business card that saves you the costs of actual business cards. Oh, and always free shipping to US on any order.

Each tag comes with a free digital profile 



Digital Profile Included

Each Sticky tag comes with a Digital profile and contact-download included. Set up your account when the tag arrives to start sharing

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Customer Reviews

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Pedro Garcia
Taptag card

Great customer service and great product!

lacey lutsch
Awesome product!

I got myself a keychain tag and it works great! My husband was so impressed he had me order him one too so he could promote me as well!

Patty Wall
Fast, Easy & Useful

Tap Tag has been a fantastic solution for an alternative for a traditional paper business card. I have been using them since the pandemic since people did not want to take business cards & print shops were closed.


Love it. Exactly what I wanted

Joe Hruska
Impressed with the capability

I’ve recently purchased a few of the TapTags. I use the Hyper Slim behind my cell phone case to replace my business card & share important links with our partners. I also had the pleasure of reaching out to support to get some additional information. Support was very responsive & a pleasure to work with.

mathew thompson
Sensitivity Issues

the technology is cool & very well received when it works, but the TapTag is not nearly as sensitive as i expected, sometimes causing awkward delays as we wait for the information to pop up.