Tap Tag - EARTH ::All proceeds go to planting trees::

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Our Pledge

Tap Tag 's sharing-technology lessens the need for paper business cards thus saving  trees and our precious earth. We want to take it one step further. After your purchase of Tap Tag EARTH, We will donate 100% percent of the sale and match an additional $15 to OneTreePlanted, a charity that plants one tree per dollar in the Amazon Rainforest or where they are needed most. Thirty trees will be planted on your behalf and this Tag will represent that. You will receive a certificate via email by OneTreePlanted with your name on it. To learn more visit https://onetreeplanted.org/. We will match up to $250 per customer. 

Tap Tag uses special NFC technology to seamlessly share media with others. It can stick to your smartphone, camera bag, or anywhere you see fit. When tapped it shares anything you load onto it securely, like social media, contact info, your website, anything with no app or Tap Tag required to scan. It's like a digital business card that saves you the costs of actual business cards. Oh, and always free shipping to US on any order.

Each tag comes with a free digital profile 

Digital Profile Included

Each Sticky tag comes with a Digital profile and contact-download included. Set up your account when the tag arrives to start sharing

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Customer Reviews

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pitney branhall
Can't figure it out.

Don't know how to set it up appropriately. Nothing happens when being tapped by someone. Someone might need to show me what I'm doing wrong.

Hello! We can certianly help. Here are soem steps to see how to scan your Tap Tag. If you are still having trouble we would be happy to guide you through it, I am shooting you a private email now.

more reviews coming in

So much easier to get reviews using their products. Less steps for any customer to take. Love what these are doing for my business.

Stacy R

Wish I had these earlier. Will buy more in the future

Brett Klavon
Great Product and Service!

I had my custom designed NFC and QR Code review stands printed and shipped the same day as my order and it was late in the day. Product performed as advertised and I’m excited to to share that my customers were very happy with the product.

Tim Laumer
No brainer

Best way to get reviews! Can't beat it

Bill T
love these!

These are awesome! Definitely will try more products from these guys after this. Great stuff