Delta NFC Business Card - Bamboo

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About the Delta NFC Business Card

Delta & Tap Tag have partnered to provide you with a sustainable new tap-to-share business card. This one reusable card has the ability to share your digital profile and contact card infinite times just by tapping it to a smartphone.

Simply tap to a smartphone, then put your Delta NFC Card back in your pocket. The receiving smartphone will be able to save your contact to call, email, or view your websites at any time in addition to also being able to share their contact information with you. An easy trade of information by just tapping the card or scanning the QR code. 

This card comes pre-loaded with a ready-to-setup digital profile and a dashboard to edit your information, view analytics, or print your QR code at any time. First year of service is included in the card price then $4.92/year after.

 Unlimited scans, works on Apple and Android

 All Pro digital profile features included

 No app required to scan

Digital Profile Included

An advanced digital profile and contact card download is included on every card. Set up your account when your card arrives, then share your info by tapping any smartphone. Renew Yearly. First year included in purchase of card.

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How to set up your Delta Card?

Set up is easy and takes less than 3 minutes.

1) Scan the QR code on your packaging

2) Login with Delta email and supplied password on packaging

3) This is your dashboard. Select "Edit Profile"

4) Add all your information you want to share, save. Done!

Tap or scan your new card with your smartphone to test it out, for tips on how to do this see Help Page

Laser-Burned into Real Bamboo

Each card is made of real bamboo, each card contains a different type of grain making each completely unique.

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