6 in 1 Keychain Charging Cord

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Color: Black

Tap Tag is all about Innovative products. This mini charger cord attaches to your keychain or backpack easily for emergency or regular use.

On one side it has a USB that can open up to a USB-C if needed, on the other side it sports an iPhone plug, a micro-USB, and a USB-C. You can use any combination that suits you best using this cords modular design, all 6 combinations are listed below. NEVER be without a cord again.


USB -> Iphone  |  USB -> Micro USB  |  USB -> USB-C

USB-C -> Iphone  |  USB-C -> Micro USB  |  USB-C -> USB-C

 Works with any USB or USB-C port (airports, cars, laptops, charger bricks, etc)

✅ Attaches together via a strong magnet around included keyring

 Compact and lightweight design to blend in with keychain items 


** The iPhone and micro-usb plug are the same metal port just on opposite sides, iPhone is one side and if you flip 180 micro-usb is the other. Make sure you if you plug into iPhone and it is not charging you simply flip it 180 degrees to other side of same plug. This is a common occurrence as it does not follow the traditional Apple plug that charges regardless of orientation.

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