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Congrats on your new Tap Tag!

This page explains tips and tricks to get the most use out of your sticky tag. 

1) Where to stick?

For the sticky tag, it is best to stick to the bottom 1/3rd of your smartphone. This is the best place to not impact wireless charging and also your phone will not scan itelf by accident. 

2) Can I restick?

For the sticky tag, it has very sticky 3M adhesive on the back. This adhesive can re-adhere to a surface up to 3 times if the surface is clean and dirt-free. Simply peel off and re-stick. 

3) Cleaning

You can clean your sticky tag or keychain with water and a paper towel. If you really need to get dirt off you can also use windex or a non-bleach multi-purpose cleaner.

Where to stick your Tap Tag?

It is best to stick to the bottom third of all phone regardless of Apple or Android. This is the one spot where your phone won't accidentally scan itself and also will not impact wireless charging. 

You may also stick your Tap Tag any where else, like on a desk, window, skateboard, etc. Tap Tag can be placed outdoors if not in direct contact with rain or precipitation. 

How to Scan

When sharing your Tap Tag, it is best to wiggle or rub it to the NFC area of the recieving smartphone as shown in the video. 

For iPhones, rub the chip to the very top center of the phone either on the front side or backside. The iPhone does have to be unlocked

For Androids, do the same thing but rub the back center of the phone which is where the NFC reader is.

Smartphone Compatibility

Most smartphones from 2018 or newer have native NFC scanning with no app required.

Check Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions about Sticky Tags