A new sustainable way to share your contact, with just a tap.

Customize your card

Add your name to any Delta product, set your your own digital profile to share with a tap.

Digital Profile included

Each card comes with one year of our feature-packed digital software included.

Order in bulk to save $$

Order for yourself, or for the whole team. Free shipping over 25$


1 NFC card can replace 10,000+ paper cards. Infinite taps!

One card, to replace the rest.

One single NFC card loaded with your profile offers infinite taps, and saves of your contact to any compatible smartphone you encounter. This technology is not only a convenient way for others to quickly save your information, but can also drastically decrease the amount of paper business cards used.

Free shipping over $25

No app needed.

Our cards work natively on Apple and Android phones without the need of an app. Just tap your card to a smartphone to share your digital profile