NFC QR Sticker Pack - Tap or Scan

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Each sticker contains an NFC chip and a QR linked to a free ready-to-setup digital profile. You can combine all of the stickers under one account or set up multiple different profiles. You may stick them anywhere to allow others to easily access your  information and save it into their contacts with just a tap of their smartphone or a scan with their camera. Each sticker has an easy peel-backing with 200MP 3M adhesive. 

The stickers are made of a thin plastic to ensure they are waterproof and protected from the elements. They are resistant to outdoor weathering. Each is 2x2 inches

✅ NFC tap-to-share chip in each sticker

✅ Free unique digital profile on each

✅ The NFC/QR is dynamic, meaning you can redirect to any website at any time or use our digital profile service for free. 

✅ Easy to peel, strong adhesive, easy to set up an account to edit/manage

✅ Semi flexible to stick to rounded surfaces 

🚫 Not suitable for metal surfaces. Plastic, glass, wood is fine.



Quantity: 5-Pack
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Digital Profile Included

A free digital profile and contact card download is included on every card. Set up your account when your card arrives, then share your info by tapping any smartphone

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Flexible and Weather Resistant

The flexibility and durability of these stickers makes them perfect for rounded objects and those that may be exposed to weathering.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly R.

Thumbs up!

Mindy Patel
Awesome product

Perfect for my deli biz. I redirected each tag to my menu. It's a nice feature to be able to redirect whenever I want. Thanks!

The free tag was a nice touch

I see now that I get a free tag for spending $55, thats awesome and was a nice surprise when I got my package. I did not know that when ordering!

Kevin Conners
Exactly what I needed

Did some research and you guys were the most affordable NFC stickers with a QR. They work perfect for my business

Susan P
Got the new product email! Just ordered and super excited!

Cant wait!