White Label Fulfillment

White Label NFC Business Cards, NFC Tags, & Digital Business Card Software plus Dropshipping direct to customer. 

There is a chance you have been scouring the internet looking for a US-based business that can dropship NFC tap items for you, that's where we come in.

To sum things up we can ship custom and un-branded NFC Business cards, NFC tags, NFC signs, NFC keychains, NFC tap Google cards and more from New York with a 1-2 business day turnaround. Each item can contain our software or we can program it with your own. 

As a side note, we have an affiliate program that pays 15% commission with 30-day cookies for any referral. Often this is better as you can avoid the customer questions, mockups, setups, and the customer service needed for ongoing support. If this is better you may sign up for free here https://af.secomapp.com/taptagnfc/register   

Let's break down how each part of white-labelling operates:

Quick Answers

1) Can we send tap items globally in unbranded packaging? 
Yes. Free shipping to US for $25+ orders, and international shipping is usually between $20-$30 per shipment. 
2) How's it work? 
We build a product page for you hosted by Tap Tag, you can charge customers on your own store any price you want, then come to our store to order the product, customize it (if needed), then add shipping details. We will ship direct to the customer. We can program the items for you with your own software or website. Or send customers direct to us to land on your Tap Tag product page. 
3) Is there a cost associated with this? 
Yes. We charge a one-time cost to build out your products and templates.  Read the article above for a breakdown. 
4) Do we have an API or direct integration? No, we do not integrate directly with your store. You or the customer will need to checkout on our website.
5) Do I or my customers receive discounts? Yes, depending on your volume we can offer discounts on product
Have more questions? If you read our Q&A and are still interested email support@taptag.shop. We will ensure you qualify before setting up a meeting. 


NFC Business Card White Label Fulfillment

Key Perks:

✅ No set retail price, markup to your liking

✅ Discounted rates

✅ One business day turnaround for <25 items

✅ Custom packaging available for additional cost

Perhaps you run a marketing agency and have customers asking about NFC cards, or maybe you run a print shop and want to introduce NFC items to your product line. Either way, if you have clientele we can provide a handoff approach to getting them NFC product and making you some money. 

How it works:

1) We host a product or mini-store on taptag.shop, this product is to your liking and can have a default template with your branding. 

Mini Store hosted by taptag.shop: This is simply a landing page for you to sum up your products. We can add your logo and helpful marketing graphics to sum up what the product does. 

A mini store is great if you are like Delta Airlines, they send their employees to our Delta page in which the employees can pick an item, customize it, and checkout under Delta's discounted rates. Or, you can send your customers direct to this page to receive special deals and checkout with items with your branding on them. In this scenario, Tap Tag is obviously not hidden, we become a fulfillment partner and offer special deals to your employees or clients. 

Product: We can create a custom product template for you, this allows you or the customer to quickly customize an item, see it live, and checkout. How this works is you could either 1) send the customer directly to us to receive discount pricing and an easy experience, or 2) You handle the frontend on your website, upcharge the customer, then come to our store to purchase the product to be shipped direct to the customer in un-branded packaging. 

2) Once an order is placed we will fulfill and ship direct to customer. We can have notes on your file to send in unmarked blank packaging. 




We charge a one-time cost to set up your mini-store store or custom products

Starting at $75 per product added. This can be a branded item you or users can quickly checkout with. Add shipping details at checkout, we will ship wherever in non-branded packaging with non-branded directions. There will be a place to paste a website Url that we can program onto the item. 

+ $45 per product if you want it to have a customizer associated with it. This allows you or users to add/edit text, add/edit images or logos and manipulate the canvas either on a base template or from scratch. Images are saved for quick reordering. 


+$50 for a storefront. If you have multiple products you want to showcase perhaps to employees or franchises to purchase from, we can build you a storefront that showcases the products and the features they come with. Minimum 3 products needed to build a store. 





Specifications for Graphics

All Cards, signs, and tags

We accept any file formats and almost any type of image. The best images are vector files or those with transparent backgrounds. We will tell you if something will not work for our needs. 

All cards are credit-card sized to easily fit into a wallet. They are 85x54mm. This is about 3/8in less width than a traditional business card. Graphics can bleed off of the edge of all of our items. 

Metal Cards 

Metal cards are engraved only. There is no color other than the natural color of the steel or brass. Steel cards engrave to be silver on black or white, brass cards engrave to be gold on black. There are no other color options available at this time. The best graphic is one that is solid in color, black on white. If there are colors we can remove them but it is best if they are at least solid. 

Metal blocks NFC so there has to be an exposed portion of the card that is plastic, our current chip takes up 50% of the backside of the card and is off limits to graphics. 

Wood Cards

Similar to metal cards, the wood cards are engraved only. Graphics are burned into the wood. The chip is embedded inside the card and is not visible, therefor giving full real-estate on both sides for graphics. 

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards give the most flexibility, both sides of the cards can be printed edge to edge in full color. There are no limitations. 

NFC Tags, Keychains and Signs

We can print edge to edge in full color on the frontside of the item. 

Sticky tags - 30mm or 35mm

NFC Keychain - 30mm

NFC Counter Sign - 100 or 125mm (4 or 5 inch)

Standup Sign - 5x6inch

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