Tap Review Sticky Counter Plate

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Setup your account by either waiting for your Tap Tag to arrive, or start your account now. If setting up now you will need to login to your tag once when it arrives.

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Henry Galloway

Tap Review cards are a game changer.

Getting just one 5-star review for my business was worth the price of this card, the other 99 Google reviews I got this month was the icing on the cake.

Mary Lombardi

Finally leveled up!

I supplied my team of 8 people with these cards to see who can get the most reviews. We set out to get 40 reviews... we got 138. Great product!!

Joshua Rusa

Worth every penny

More than reasonable price, no subscription, no setup, shipped the same day I ordered, and my new tap review signs work like a charm. Perfect service all around. *clap emoji*

Frank Stallone

Our reputation significantly increased

My company got one review sign as a tester, it worked so well we just bought 210 more for every franchise in the US. Tap Tag has great customer service and extremely helpful staff.

Team Delta


We averaged about 3 reviews per month for all of last year before Tap Tag. We got 10 Google cards for the Team and we have been pushing 30-40 reviews per month since. It's insane!!!


Average increase in review capture

When compared to email or text review capture.

+5 spots

Average Google ranking increase

Rank higher in google search results when getting consistent reviews.

How do google reviews affect your business?

Organize content into multiple columns to share useful information to your customers about your products, values...

SEO / Ranking

A steady stream of 4+ star google reviews is arguably the most important factor in search engine ranking. Tap Tag provides the products and software needed to create a culture around capturing reviews.

Reputation / Trust

Studies show that customers trust peer reviews more than anything else. Having a lot of reviews shows your business is not only very active, but also providing a great and accurate product or service.

Local Boost

Quality reviews from local customers rank you up on google search, maps, and other search engines. Their words add to the SEO of your business. Respond to your own reviews to further boost SEO and trust.

Setup is a breeze

Checkout with your desired review items. While in transit you can set up your account from a link we will send via email, or setup when they arrive.

We integrate with Google directly to make finding your review web address as simple as it gets.

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Tap or Scan. It's that easy.

Tapping with a smartphone or scanning the QR with a camera immediately pulls up the review page of your choice, in this case a Google review.

Dynamic Everything

The QR code and the tap function on your Tap Tag are dynamic, meaning you can manage where they direct to at any time from any where in realtime.

Starting at $19/month

Optional ReviewPlus & Review Filtration

Maximize review capture with helpful features and options, like our beautifulReviewPlus+ page, review filtration, analytics, and more All included under the most affordable plan in the industry. 
Like a bouncer to a club, our filtration vets user reviews before they become official on Google, Yelp and more. Effectively pushing through the 4-5 stars reviews, while sending the 1-3 stars to management.


Average Increase of 4 and 5 star reviews


Average decrease of 1-3 star reviews


This upgrade allows you to compile multiple review sites on one beautiful landing page, track analytics, and more. A convenient contact button allows a unsatisfied customer to contact you before leaving a negative review.

This upgrade transfers to all of your Tap Tags connected to your one business location.

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew G

Great product - does exactly what I need to easily collect reviews!

Wish I knew about this sooner!

We have been using this for my husbands appliance repair business and it has been so helpful with getting more Google reviews. This has given us so many more clients who are saying they are finding us from Google. Will definitely recommend to anyone in the industry.

Great for Restaurants

Purchased the TapTag lanyards for my wait staff to get reviews when serving customers. The number of reviews for the business has gone up dramatically.

More Reviews

great service from the company and my business has been getting many more reviews since we put up our tap tag!

Chris P.
Guy on web chat was phenominal

The chat guy was funny, helpful, and fast to reply. Top notch service!

Harry Mahar
Great service by their whole team

I sent multiple emails and they were all responded to asap. all the other companies I emailed took hours or days to reply, tap tag was <10 minutes every time. More companies need to be like tap tag