How to add profiles to your dashboard

How to add profiles to your dashboard

Adding new Tap Tag to your dashboard to be managed as a separate entity.

What does it mean to "Add" a profile?

- You will have the ability to manage multiple Tap Tag profiles on one dashboard. For example, you will login to see 5 different profiles that can all be managed separately. Each will carry their own settings, information, and analytics. 

- This is different than pairing a profile, pairing is if you have multiple Tap Tags that you want to serve the same information. Learn how to pair here.

- Adding profiles may be an upgraded feature of our Teams Accounts or our ReviewPlus+. Pro also has the ability to manage a separate profile. 

How to add a profile to your dashboard?

There are multiple ways to add a profile or a new item.

Option 1:  Great for setting up on mobile, or if you are depending on your employees to setup their own accounts. Locate the parent account code found in the top right of your dashboard. Login to your dashboard.

- After locating the parent code, tap or scan a new Tap Tag to enter its setup mode. Choose the second option on the setup screen to "Link to parent account", a dropdown will show. Enter the parent code into the dropdown and follow the steps to completion. After completion, refresh your dashboard to see the new profile 


Option 2: Great for setting up on desktop. Login to your dashboard. In the top right corner select "Link new Tap Tag".

- Tap or scan a new Tap Tag to enter its setup mode. At the top of setup mode is a "Tap Tag # _______" Enter the number into the field and save. Follow the on screen steps to completion. Refresh the dashboard to see the new profile added

Option 3: Great if you are the admin trying to quickly add Tap Tags to your account. Tap or scan a new item to enter its setup mode. Login to the setup screen using the same email/password of your account. The system will recognize you have an account and present two options, choose the second option to ADD to your account.


Option 4: Great for pre-setting up profiles before physical products have arrived, or if you are not getting physical products at all. In the top right corner of the Dashboard select "Create new profile." Follow the on screen steps to completion, then refresh the dashboard to see the new account. You may also use the Bulk Import button to add multiple profiles at once.  

- If you are getting products later, you can see our article about how to pair an item to an existing profile.


Frequently asked questions

How many profiles can I add to one dashboard?

You can add as many profiles as you need, over 10,000 profiles if you wanted. However there is a cost associated with how many accounts you are managing. You can see the costs if you go to the Plan tab on your dashboard. 


If I add multiple users, can each be managed separately? 

Yes, each user will have their own analytics, settings, information, QR, share code, and more.  

How do I delete a user from my dashboard?

Login to your dashboard, select the "More+" button on the users profile, and select reset. This will remove the user, and also reset their connected items back to setup mode.


Can I setup a master template that applies to all user profiles?

Yes. You can create a master page to determine buttons, page colors, text color, images, and more that apply to all profiles that the account in managing. You may do this while also adding individualized information per user like phone number or emails. 


How do I pair Tap Tags to a users profile so multiple Tap Tags act as one?

See this article for directions.


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