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Una Tap Tag adhesiva que puede pegarse a su teléfono inteligente, escritorio, patineta o cualquier lugar.

Viene precargado con un perfil digital/tarjeta de contacto gratuito. Reclame el perfil tocando/escaneando la etiqueta por primera vez. Administre/edite su tarjeta de contacto en cualquier momento de forma remota a través del panel.

Se pega en cualquier lugar

✅ Toques ilimitados al chip NFC

✅ Enlaces a un perfil digital gratuito. Comparte contactos, descarga y edita en cualquier momento.

✅ Sin suscripciones, solo una compra única

✅ No se requiere aplicación para escanear, funciona con todos los teléfonos inteligentes

Perfil digital incluido

Cada Sticky tag viene con un perfil digital y descarga de contacto incluida. Configura tu cuenta cuando llegue la etiqueta para comenzar a compartir

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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Works as intended

Works as intended. I would love to see a feature where you can reset each tag back to setup mode instead of reseting the whole account.

Spencer Sutliff
Was good, but cannot reprogram the chip with a different link and now the chip does not work.

I tried using NFC tools to reprgram, now I cannot get the link to work at all with any phone.

Hello, you could have simply logged into your account and changed your link remotely. We do not recommend hard-reprogramming as it is more advanced and causes for user error which is likely what happened. Please email and we can show you how to amend the issue.

April Prill
Great product!

Simple for customers to use and customer service was very helpful assisting me in setup, although most can probably set it up on their own!


Must have for biz owners

Jack Morse

Perfect working as it should.

Jim G.
Works Like a Charm

Exactly what I was looking for. I saw immediate traction with directing customers to the pages I wanted, as well as engagement with Google reviews. The numerous ways you can customize are great.

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