Pulsera de grifo minimalista de silicona

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Esta pulsera de silicona antimicrobiana extremadamente cómoda tiene un chip NFC de última generación que puede ser liviana y completamente flexible para moverse contigo durante todo el día. Esta banda es para aquellas personas que siempre están en movimiento; Fotógrafos, cantantes, profesionales de ventas, cualquier persona a la que le resulte conveniente compartir información de contacto con solo un golpe de muñeca en un teléfono inteligente, mientras hace una voltereta hacia atrás.

  • Chip NFC de próxima generación para transferir datos a teléfonos inteligentes con un toque
  • Hecho de silicona antimicrobiana de grado médico.
  • Elástico, ligero y flexible para adaptarse cómodamente a todas las muñecas. Parece que ni siquiera está ahí.
  • Completamente impermeable, resistente al sudor y diseñado para usarse todo el día y la noche. ¡Apto para ducha!
  • Marca Tap Tag muy minimalista para la moda. Solo 3 líneas blancas para mostrar dónde está el chip NFC en el frente y "Tap Tag" con sangría negra en la parte posterior.
  • Viene precargado con un perfil digital gratuito y una tarjeta de contacto. Reclame el perfil tocando/escaneando la tarjeta por primera vez. Administre/edite su tarjeta de contacto en cualquier momento de forma remota a través del panel. (cree una cuenta gratuita con el primer toque)
  • Sin suscripciones. Toques/escaneos ilimitados.
  • Chip reprogramable en caso de que alguna vez quieras cambiar los datos que transmite a los teléfonos inteligentes.

    Envío gratuito a EE. UU.

    Perfil digital incluido

    Cada pulsera viene con un perfil digital gratuito para siempre y una descarga de tarjeta de contacto. Configure su perfil cuando llegue su banda y comience a compartir con un toque.

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    Lo más mínimo posible

    Con casi las mismas dimensiones que una banda fuerte en vivo, esta pulsera liviana que se puede tocar para compartir ni siquiera se sentirá como si estuviera allí.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Lauren Meehan
    Tap Tag review

    Other brands much cheaper. The login offers nothingeBay. the free nfc writing phone app does. I like that it is thinner than other brands but I see no real benefit of this brand over others purchased for a fraction of the price on ebay. I don't even need to use it for address sharing. I use it for other things so the log in is useless to me. Don't like the logo engraved in the band. It catches dirt...which is the entire point of using silicon over something nicer like leather. It is higher quality silicone compared to most others but not really worth the higher price point.

    Mike Davis
    Extremely fast. Easy to work with.

    Shipped the same day I placed the order. Easy to work with.


    Works great, very easy to use!

    Jeffrey Campbell

    Love my Tap Tags. Best and easiest method to promote my business. So easy to setup and use.

    Jacob Pierce
    An excellent addition to my videography kit

    I shoot lots of video for underground artists here in Denver. The biggest issues arise when I shoot show recaps. Dark venues and loud music paired with folks trying to get my information. Not only does this pull my attention from what I’m originally hired to do, but fumbling with a phone in the dark as well as trying to scream my handle over the music is an unprofessional look. All the while trying to be quick as to not miss any potential shots that would make it into my edit.

    I purchased two wrist bands for my lady and I. Now transferring info is instantaneous. I don’t miss out on shots or potential business opportunities/ followers. Every person I’ve engaged with using these are way impressed. It’s not new technology by any means which I personally feel is due to not understanding how to use them.

    The NFC function on phones is on a duty cycle. Even I used to get frustrated trying to get it to scan and find myself using banter until it finally reads. I know the instructions are buried in the FAQs but I feel it would exponentially increase the hype if it were explained boldly on the site or on the card for the product themselves.

    Lock the phone, place the nfc near the reader and wake up the phone. Every time without fail in the matter of half a second.

    Anyways. I appreciate this companies devotion to their product as well as their speedy replies to any questions that arise. You guys rock and I would love to be an ambassador!

    Deborah Brito
    Awesome products

    Everything arrived on time and works perfectly. Got the wristbands and they work flawlessly. I don’t have my phone on me sometimes but the wristband is there.