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WiFi Porter - Connect guests seamlessly to WiFi

WiFi Porter - Connect guests seamlessly to WiFi

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This beautiful tiger wood sign can connect your guests to your wifi network in less than 3 seconds whether you have an Apple or Android.

No more reading off long and annoying passwords to guests. You can connect anybody to your wifi network in seconds. This stylish tiger wood wifi porter is meant to be hung in plain site in your living room, kitchen, guest bedroom, etc. Impress your guests with this new way of connecting to wifi.

Fill out your WiFi credentials to the right. This is case-sensitive and very important there are no typos. We assure you your wifi username/password is sent via an encrypted email for top-notch security and is deleted immediately after use. If you do not feel comfortable putting your WiFi password in the form, leave it blank and we will email you after purchase. 


For android: Tap Tag can instantly share WiFi information by simply tapping your Android  phone to the front or back of tiger wood porter. A notification will drop down asking "connect to network?" Press this notification and boom, you are connected instantly. QR on back also works with android phones. 

For iPhone: Flip the wifi porter over to reveal a QR code. Simply open your iPhone's camera and point it at QR. Your phone will automatically read QR and a notification will appear "Connect to network?" Press the notification and you become instantly connected. Currently Apple does not support NFC wifi-connectivity and this can only be done by camera app/QR. Apple plans to update this in the future.

For anyone else: Just in case grandpa has a incompatible phone from 2013, we got you covered. We also etch the actual network name and password on rear of porter just in case you have to enter the wifi credentials manually.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helen and Peter
Brilliant piece of art!

We often host a lot of guests and parties and this is PERFECT for us. Super easy to connect to WiFi in a snap. Our guests absolutely love it. Just ordered another one to put in our guest house!

Jerry & Tina
A+ to you Tap Tag

We loved this tile so much we ordered 4 more for the family. Everyone should have one of these. It's a nice way to display your wifi for guests. Tap Tag responded quickly, got our passwords, and shipped the next day. Customer service was outstanding!


Its so nice pointing guests to something to connect to our wifi because I can never remember the stupid password. Tap Tags customer service was incredible too.