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Tap Tag - Galaxy

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$11.95 USD
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Tap Tag uses special NFC technology to seamlessly share media with others. It can stick to your smartphone, camera bag, or anywhere you see fit. When tapped it shares anything you load onto it securely, like social media, contact info, your website, anything with no app or Tap Tag required to scan. It's like a digital business card that saves you the costs of actual business cards. Oh, and always free shipping to US on any order.

We will program your tag for you, just paste your link to the right. Or, Tap Tag is easy to set up as we provide a Step-by-Step Guide and videos to guide you through the quick process of programming your tag.

Tech Specs:

30 mm diameter, 2 mm thick. No battery, electric, or charging required. 

Open-sourced, meaning it works with any competitor app or can store any thing from the web onto it, there are no limits. Infinite scans, no subscription. 


Strong 3M adhesive that sticks to almost anything, especially phone cases

Memory of 137 bytes. Able to store any link, social network, etc 

Scannable from 3 inches away.

Currently compatible with 94% of smartphones and grows everyday as older phones are phased out. 

Our NFC chip is reprogrammable, meaning you can change the content it shares at any time by simply scanning new info onto it. 

**Advanced users can even set up smart home automations using our NFC technology. Watch our simple video How to Set Up NFC Smart Home Automation by sticking Tap Tag around your house.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Tracy Krajewski
Key chain QR and tag

I wish the tap tag was inlayed in the wood so it doesn't get caught on things and want to pull off the wood. The QR code looks good but would be more functional if it was a little darker color so it got picked up by all phone cameras more easily. The purpose is convenience so the quick transfer of info is key. It works and I am happy about that.

Dan Martin

The tap tag is an amazing gift. I received a custom business card from my best friend it was easy to set up and I immediately purchased a key tag with the QR code on the back for my wife who is a photographer and always gets asked at weddings for her card. The guys even sent her an extra tap tag for the back of her phone. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

Order Delivery

Order arrived in time for Christmas! Saw a similar product on CBS Sunday Morning, but when googling other options, I came across TapTag and like the design much better [fits inside the phone case]! I also like the various designs on the tag to suit personality and differentiate among household members.


A lot of companies OVER CHARGE. These are cost effective and do the SAME as all the high price ones. Very easy to reprogram. The technology still has some room to grow but these work well.

Braxton Gray

Love the item I got and the concept behind it. Order was quick and easy. Product looks very nice.

Steele Wasik
Works like 75% of the time

I wouldn’t rely 100% on it but it is very cool.