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Customizable Tigerwood NFC Coaster set

Customizable Tigerwood NFC Coaster set

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These laser engraved luxury coasters are made out of 100% pure Tigerwood, an exotic hard-wood that has a beautiful finish. Each coaster includes an installed Tap Tag giving it NFC capabilities. We will program anything off the web into the coasters for you, the most common is a random drink generator, inspirational quotes, sports stats, or any website.

Tap Tag NFC works seamlessly through the wood and is visible from the back only. No charging or batteries required and no app required to scan. Size is 4X4 inches wide and 3/8 inch height, each coaster has foam feet. 


 Set of 4 or 6 Coasters with 1 Tap Tag pre-installed in each


Optional QR code on back: You can connect guests to your WiFi network instantly using your phones native camera app. If this option is selected we will email you shortly after purchase to securely obtain your WiFi credentials.

**For advanced users** Use our helpful videos to program your phone to run a smart home automation when tapped, such as setting a scene to dim the lights and play soft music, or more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ryan Gilmour
Solid Quality

Got my own logo on 6 of them, they came out great and work great. Fast and easy customer service. Thank you

Quality is there

Got these for my air b&b, I think they are super cool and a few customers asked where I got them. Might recommend to my other air b&b friends or keep these a secret to myself for now

future customer
Love this idea

I did not buy a stack, yet. But I bookmarked this page and plan to buy these for my husband, his dad, and my brother for Christmas

Top Quality


Karen A.
Customer service

I asked Tap Tag if they can etch a single “coaster” for me to hang on the wall (not much of a coaster). They immediately replied and said yes. I got a quote that means a lot to my father who was in the military engraved onto it. The Tap Tag people even came up with the idea of putting a random quote generator that works when you touch your phone to it. This all meant so much to me. Thank you SO much

Mike Stanley

Got these for the man cave. Even though the random cocktail generator typically generates girly drinks my friends still get a kick out of it. I just like showing them off to people