How to make a Contact Card

Hello! This page is all about learning how to make a VCard, contact card, or digital business card so you can ultimately program it onto your NFC chip. Good news is it's all super easy to do!


To make a VCARD or downloadable contact card like this: 


1: First Navigate to 
2: Fill out all necessary information you want on your contact card. It does not say "Required" but you have to create a username/password to go to next page.
3: Once done adding info, hit "Create Card" which brings you to next page
4: Click "Share" in the top right corner and 4 links will appear
5: Copy the 3rd link down that says "VCF File" ending in .VCF


That's it! Follow the steps on our How To Program page to program that Vcard link into your Tap Tag


Here is a Video if you are more of a video-learner


Making a Digital Business card  

You can also program a digital business card into Tap Tag and because our tags are open-sourced, you can utilize any of the super powerful third-party digital business card sites available. Even if you wanted to use a competitors app you can with Tap Tag.

A Digital Business card is essentially a landing page for yourself like this:

It is essentially a free landing page for you, you can put as many links as you like on this page all consolidated under one single link. That single link is what's programmed onto Tap Tag. Once programmed, you can change your landing page as much as you'd like without having to re-program. 

Here is a list of some free powerful sites we recommend.

1: Most customizable (as shown): ContactInBio

2: Easiest to use:

3: Most famous: Link Tree

Some Others:, 10000cards, FlowCode

All you have to do is navigate to these sites and sign up for a free account. Create your landing page following the steps on their site. They all provide you with a personal web-link somewhere on the page, copy that link and follow Our Steps on programming that into your Tap Tag.



Any questions that are not answered on this page please email