metal NFC business card
Metal NFC business card
Metal NFC business card tap tag
Metal business cards
Metal business card
NFC business card black
Fancy NFC business cards
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
business cards for photographers, metal
Custom Metal business card
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
Metal NFC card for business
Black metal NFC Card
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
Metal card engraving - nfc cards
Photography metal NFC business card
Custom metal business cards
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum

NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum

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**Every Purchase of our NFC Business Card comes with a free original Tap Tag included ** Add 5 NFC Business Cards and pay for 3 automatically applied at checkout**

Here it is Ladies and gents. The one and only black metal NFC business card, the last business card you will ever need. 

This card makes a bold statement about your business and about yourself. It is the size and thickness of the American Express Black Card or Apple Credit card, and sports a Tap Tag NFC chip that relays your information directly to your clients smartphone with just a tap. It is as simple as it is elegant. 

Every Card is custom laser-engraved. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We will email you if there are any issues with the logo uploaded.

Order now and it ships tomorrow morning!

  • Made of anodized aluminum. Resistant to bending, rust, wear and tear. 
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Re-programmable chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Easy to program and set up
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone
  • Credit card-sized, 85mm x 54mm or 3 5/16in x 2 1/16in
  • Free Original Tap Tag included with every purchase


*Due to thickness and density of metal, NFC chip only scans from back of card


I chose the "text only" option, what font do you use?

We use a custom script-like font as seen in the first few pictures centered and engraved on the front of the card. If you would like a different font respond to the automated confirmation email immediately after purchase.

Where do you put my uploaded logo, and if I fill out the text?

This is human-run and is not automated. It's in our best interest to make it look awesome. We typically center the logo in the middle third of the card, if text is added we typically use Ariel font and put in bottom left corner like a traditional business card.

Can we add color?

Short answer, no. The metal has an anodized matte black coating, basically meaning the coating is fused molecularly with the metal. We use an industrial laser to pulverize this coating revealing the silver metal underneath which is the color of your custom text/image. All images will be converted to greyscale. You can feel the engraving which adds a level of sleekness to the card. 

What's on the back of the card?

As seen in picture 3, there is an NFC chip centered on the back. The chip has to be exposed because ironically metal blocks NFC, so you will have to touch the back of the card with your phone for it to scan. The chip cannot be engraved but the area surrounding it can.

Can we engrave the back?

Yes, we can engrave around the chip only. There is about ⅜ inch above and below, and about an inch to the left and right

For bulk orders, visit our Wholesale Options 

How do I contact you for more questions?

Email us at if you have any further questions or further customization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great all around

I am very pleased with my Tap Tags. I purchased them as gifts for our company. The entire process was easy and hassle free. Tyler had fast response times as far as receiving proofs and making adjustments goes. I have recommended Tap Tag to everyone I share my contact info with. The product is great quality and works very well! I am pleased overall with my experience and will be buying again real soon!

-Caleb Cowden
National Sales / Dealer Accounts Specialist
Puma Trailers LLC.

Absolutely the best option on the market!

Our biggest concern when searching for an NFC chipped card, was our ability to customize our logo onto it. As well as the quality of material the card would be made out of. (We were pretty excited about a metal card instead of just plastic).
We searched high and low for the best of both worlds, and TapTag absolutely knocked the competition out of the water for not only customization, but also price!
The NFC chip itself was surprisingly incredibly easy to set up, and we love that it's so easy to change where the card taps to whenever we want, just by using a simple app. Most cards you find will only go to their version of a contact page, meaning you're very limited to what you can enter & how it looks. With TapTag you have unlimited possibilities.
My final check mark for TT was how they personally messaged me after my purchase, stating that they loved how the design came out, which was clear it wasn't just an automated email... it was an actual person. Really nice touch compared to today's computer-automated messages.
Will definitely purchase again!

Unreal customer service

Everything was so easy and fast. I had a question and they responded immediately...every time.. for like 5 total interactions like they were waiting for my response. Love my 3 metal cards. They even helped fix my logos so they looked better. The whole transaction with 5 emails, logo fixing, and shipping all happened within like 4 hours. I am seriously blown away.

Awesome product

Its a great purchase, im very happy with it so far. It can be a little touchy with i phones. But overall i love it and makes for a great first impression!

Activating card now!

I'm excited to test out this technology. I own a a couple businesses and have a tattoo shop. I have already spread the word to many other business owners, and I'm activating my card to test it out today. I'm excited, and hope this will end up saving me money on expendable paper business cards.

I’m happy with the purchase

I happy with the purchase and especially love that I got a second in bronze