metal NFC business card
Metal NFC business card
Metal NFC business card tap tag
Metal business cards
Metal business card
NFC business card black
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum
King engraved on card
NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum

NFC Business Card - Black Anodized Aluminum

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**Every Purchase of our NFC Business Card comes with a free original Tap Tag included ** Add 5 NFC Business Cards and pay for 3 automatically applied at checkout**

Here it is Ladies and gents. The one and only black metal NFC business card, the last business card you will ever need. 

This card makes a bold statement about your business and about yourself. It is the size and thickness of the American Express Black Card or Apple Credit card, and sports a Tap Tag NFC chip that relays your information directly to your clients smartphone with just a tap. It is as simple as it is elegant. 

Every Card is custom laser-engraved. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Order now and it ships tomorrow morning!

  • Made of anodized aluminum. Resistant to bending, rust, wear and tear. 
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Re-programmable chip allows to change the contents of NFC chip at any time
  • Easy to program and set up
  • Do not need a Tap Tag or app to scan card, just a smartphone
  • Credit card-sized, 85mm x 54mm or 3 5/16in x 2 1/16in
  • Free Original Tap Tag included with every purchase


*Due to thickness and density of metal, NFC chip only scans from back of card


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Metal card is good quality all around

Absolutely Fantastic

Tap Tag is awesome! They put technology, quality, style, and a really good price tag all together to make my favorite by far, personalized digital business/contact card!

Their NFC chip is easily readable, and customizable!

The one thing I wish could be different is that the NFC chip be able to hold upto 300-500 bits of information as that would allow me to program more information into it, but even with the size it does have it still suits my needs perfectly! and am loving it's usefulness in my business and for sharing my contact info with non iphone users!

Customer service is stellar

I picked the more expensive option to add my own design. My file had some issues I guess, the customer service people were super helpful and responded quickly to fix the issues. Even with the file problem I got a shipping notification no joke like 4 hours after I purchased. So customer service gets 5 stars. For the card itself, it is super sleek, surprisingly heavy, and the quality of the engrave is perfect.

I'm impressed

I scoured the internet for a black metal fancy card for my husband and his new business. I stumbled upon this card, which had an NFC sharing added!? Didn't even know this kind of thing existed first of all. I was instantly sold. Just received in the mail and it is better than expected. Super sleek and feels great. I cannot wait to give it to the hubby, he's going to love it!!!!!!

Pros and cons

I purchased the Taptag card for my brother who is a business owner. The black metal card with his name engraved on it is extremely sleek, very sophisticated, and professional in appearance. Unfortunately, the tag isn’t read easily. I’m assuming because of the card itself. However, I also got a tag that he stuck to his phone. He likes this one better as there have been no issues with phones reading the tag. Between the appearance, the tag itself, and excellent customer service, I gave this a 4 star review. I could have kicked it up to 5 star had the tag in the card not have had as many issues being recognized.

Got Two of the Black Cards

Beyond amazed and impressed with the high quality and standard of this product, I use it for my Barbering business and love the care they put into making my cards and giving them the amazing personal touch for me that I was looking for!