How to use desktop nfc writer

How to Use a Desktop NFC Reader/Writer

Using a Desktop NFC Reader and Writer to program, edit, or read NFC cards, tags, and more

This commonly-found "AMS" NFC reader/writer can be purchased from Amazon or from us HEREHowever, this item does not come with clear instructions when ordering from Amazon so this post is meant to clearly explain the process. 

The writer comes with an old school little disc that has a clunky software on it but we have found and better and faster way to use the tool without it, so throw that disc right in the garbage. 

First, plug the unit into the USB on your computer. This unit does not come with USB-C, just the old school USB. So if you computer does not have a compatible plug, here is a super cheap adapter also on Amazon

 The video below explains the steps in full detail, or you may read the steps below. 


The Steps:

1: Plug in you NFC reader/writer into the port on your computer. There should be a light on it that lights up red. When putting an NFC item on the platform the unit should beep and the light should turn green, removing the item turns the light red again. 

2: Go to a website called WakDev and download the software most compatible with your desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc). It is called "NFC Tools"

3: Once downloaded, open the .DMG or file, work through the steps by hitting continue until the app is installed.

4: Find the app in your applications folder, open it. A simple white screen will appear.

5: You may test if the unit is working by placing an NFC item on the platform, information should appear under the first tab signaling we are getting a proper read. 

6: To program the a chip, select the "Write" tab, then "Add a Record." You may program the card with any item you choose. However, the ONLY item that will work natively with all smartphones (Apple and Android) without an app is the Custom URL / URI option, all other items will require an app to read. 

7: Paste your full https:// web link in the text box and select OK. Place the NFC tag or card on the platform, the "write" button should become selectable. (this button is greyed out when no items are on the platform). Select Write and you should get a message indicating the tag was programmed with a checkmark. 

  • If you receive a red X, try again. Make sure the item is centered within the circle on the platform. 
  • If you are still getting an X, use the Read to ensure your tag is Writable and that it is not password protected
  • If your item says Writable: No then you cannot program the item, this could mean the tag is locked. If the tag says Password Protected: Yes then you will have to go to the Other tab and select Remove Password, then type in the appropriate password. If the tag is locked and/or password protected and you do not know the password, then the tagged is locked forever. 

8: To continue programming tags, simply repeat these steps. 

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